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    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    I want all the andreinis
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    Surfer's Ear Treatment

    booked my trip
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    Im gonna pass on the Thomas, rad board but a little too small for me im afraid. Ill sell the bandits for $1000. Surfed twice
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    Longboard style masters

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    Merrick Family Buys back Channel Islands

    Britt is really fun to surf with. He has never burned me on some best waves I’ve ever gotten....
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    Bump one more try
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    WTF is going on

    My favorite boards have come from wanted ads on here.... fuck me right? You should consider putting a wanted ad up for a better outlook on life and to be a little friendlier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    FT: 7'10 Fineline egg

    Maybe it was trial by error based on the scars.
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    WTB: 9.5" GL Flex Fin

    located in CA
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Do you give lessons
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    welcome good surfer, this would look great coming out of your sprinter van