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    At 72

    He hit the nail on the head about the "paddling" . If you can still maintain your paddling stamina in later years, that half the battle. That requires surfing more than one time a week to keep status quo.
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    Cambria tips

    That looks like Pico Creek, just behind that row of motels in San Simeon. Moonstone has a punchier shore pound style of wave from my experience.
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    I haven't been to many of these, but of the one's that I have been to, I really enjoyed them. For these board builders, it is a PR event and you need a sample of what you can offer. I can't blame them one bit. If you have no boards to show, why would you attend. Covid has definitely upset the...
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    TRADED Boardroom Show Ticket

    I would like to attend those, but they always keep them down in Southern California. I loved it when they had it in Ventura at the fairgrounds when it was called "Sacred Craft". One year was the honoring of Renny Yater to which Wayne Rich won the shaping event. I really enjoyed that one. I...
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    Now on Hulu: The Ultimate Surfer

    Unfortunately, Hollywood has never really had a good history in translating the surfing experience and community in any meaningful way. In order to sell it to the general public, in a game show method to where people are competing for money. It's like American Ninja Warriors on surfboards. I...
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    Now on Hulu: The Ultimate Surfer

    I have a contrary opinion on that show. Aside from those "Batchelor" guests that were on it. I was entertained by it. I didn't know any of the surfers on the show, but I thought some were pretty good. Kelly's surf ranch isn't that far from where I live so I was intrigued by that alone. It is a...
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    Who’s the head shaper at Anderson now?!

    I think anyone who has been around the sport and the industry for long enough will figure out who are the craftsmen and who are the posers. Some people don't care one way or another so long as they can get some kind of a surfboard cheap enough. Those are the clients you shouldn't worry about anyway.
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    10 grand

    I spent probably close to $4500.00 just in 2020 alone so don't feel bad. However, I hadn't bought a new board in probably 6 years prior. I had to splurge.
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    A Slice of Santa Barbara Surfing History

    Thank you for that comprehensive explanation of the Ranch surfing history and the dynamics. You verified some of what I heard and know, but like all things there is always more to the story. Much appreciated.
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    The Boardroom Sept 25-26

    I had planned to try to attend, but I am right now in the middle of dealing with a raging wildfire. So I doubt I will be able to make it. Perhaps someone here who attends can document some of the highlights. Hopefully I can attend the next one and we will be past all this Covid business.
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    A Slice of Santa Barbara Surfing History

    I was only able to surf the ranch maybe a hand full of times. And yes, the reality is what you say it is. However, for me I have a perhaps jaded perspective of that spot due to the fact that we had to go through some heavy covert tactics just to get down to the spot. Unless you had a boat to...
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    A Slice of Santa Barbara Surfing History

    One of my favorite spots and some of the most fun I ever had surfing.
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    A Slice of Santa Barbara Surfing History

    I can shed some additional light on your postings. I had for a while, a Rich Reed Spindrift that bought used from a friend maybe 1971? It was a nice board. It's funny that you listed "Borm". A friend of mine had one of those and they were kind of rare because I never saw another one besides his...
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    G&S 60s, 9'7" - $550

    Back in the day, this would have been considered an "advanced" shape. I would have loved to own one. However, when longboards started to get somewhat lighter in the late 1960's, I got spoiled. I have a couple of vintage boards in the mid 20 lbs range that I consider just right. It not the boards...
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    Don Bennett - Surfboards by Don - RIP???

    A guy who builds boards and does construction, my idea of a craftsman.