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    short surf fiction recommendations

    I’ve been enjoying “Dazzling Blue” by Jamie Brisick, available through Birdwell. Jamie is a great writer.
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    Looking for a Paul Gross Nail or Whale fin

    I’ve got a spare, unused 8” Whale (DRD4, not Larry Alison, though). Feel free to DM if you’re interested!
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    Santa Cruz questions…..

    Can’t speak to rentals, on food — Walnut Ave Cafe — chorizo scrambles Companion Bakeshop — any of their pastries La Cabana — chorizo burrito for breakfast, lunch, or dinner Los Pericos — anything on the menu Samba Rock — get your bowl “from Bahia” if you like a little kick Mentone — the...
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    Sold: Baby Vee, Vaquero

    Updated Vaquero photos. Pretty close to pristine.
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    Sold: Baby Vee, Vaquero

    Vaquero is now for sale, found a board I'm stoked on. Or, take Vaquero + Vee for $1400
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    Sold: Baby Vee, Vaquero

    Bumping with $50 off the Liddle
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    Sold: Baby Vee, Vaquero

    Missed this — indeed it is:
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    Sold: Baby Vee, Vaquero

    Finally getting back in the water after an injury and taking stock of my overflowing garage after a few lucky scores. 2 boards for offer, both located in Santa Cruz, can’t ship. Liddle Designs Baby Vee, 8’4” x 23.5” x 3.5”. Good condition, has a few pro repaired rail dings. Bought from @Matt...
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    FT: 9’2 Cooperfish Flexpig

    Holding out hope with a bump
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    Fryeday special: 7' k model and maybe others

    If only I was 50lbs lighter… Following for the Eagle! ;)
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    8'0" Paul Gross Designs SK Model

    Sent a PM, I’ll take it!
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    FT: 9’2 Cooperfish Flexpig

    Pre-weekend bump!
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    FT: 9’2 Cooperfish Flexpig

    Yep! He was helping Ed's wife with parting out his collection -- he had what seemed like a hundred boards, a few other Cooperfish as well.
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    FT: 9’2 Cooperfish Flexpig

    For trade only at this time, a pristine Flexpig. 9’2” x 21 1/2” x 3” Tow weight foam No issues to speak of, well taken care of (the previous owner was Ed Johns), I’ve had it for about 3 or 4 years. The board rides exactly as you’d expect from Gene, it’s just a bit too narrow for me these...
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    Good sellers list

    thanks for the swap and Saturday morning hang! @MeatHeadDeath and @Matt barracuda most definitely rank high on the “great sellers” list

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