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    10 grand

    Take pictures of them for your memories, then sell them. Keep the 2 or 3 that are your daily drivers. There is tremendous freedom (not to mention space in your home) in not holding on to things.
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    Who's riding edge rails?

    Check out Rastovich on a longer Vaquero Edge here. Forward to 38:04
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    Andreini Stoke

    ... and when it's good, my 7'6" Vaquero Edge.
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    Andreini Stoke

    8'6 McVee, circa 2019. My everyday driver.
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    The Surf Film Archive

    FINDING, SCANNING AND SHARING IMAGES FROM THE BIRTH OF AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND SURFING New clips uploaded every week. Membership is free. Includes footage from Bob Evans | Paul Witzig | Albe Falzon | David Elfick | Dick Hoole | Andy McAlpine | Phil Sheppard | David ‘Mex’ Sumpter | Steve...
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    The Boardroom Sept 25-26

    Tickets are available now for The Boardroom Surfboard Show at Del Mar Fairgrounds:
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    1st Gen Mid-Range Sliding

    Love these midlengths, too...
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    Resin and Soul

    Part 4 is now online, this time it's a video.
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    Andreini Stoke

    I've owned/own both. The McVee for the win.
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    LA Area Ding Repair

    Jose Barahona in Hermosa Beach.
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    Ashley Lloyd

    Ashley was a shaper for Bing nearly 10 years ago and had her own model. Pictured is her collab board with artist Serena Mitnick-Miller for the all-women's film, "Dear and Yonder":
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    David Nuuhiwa Today

    Saw this on the 'gram today. Looks like David is dipping back into the surf world:
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    Phil Edwards Project

    John Wade and Friends take out the Phil Edwards models for a couple of sessions on the North Shore.
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    Wayne Rich x Channel Islands

    I saw this the other day on the CI website:
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    7'6 bag 23" wide

    Dakine Noserider