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    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Bottom first, cut laps. I did a full wrap lam on deck but wet the laps with clear before I did the swirl. Probably wouldn’t have mattered though bc the dark color. I generally don’t like doing deck inlays bc it seems like the board is weaker with less glass on the rail.
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    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Thanks! this one I used the same dark blue gently swirled in with clear resin, many small quick pours, lots of resin so it doesn't muddy up when squegeed out. And also rush and panic from fast gel time on a hot day helped me stay in the moment and not overthink it too much.
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    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Sharing a few new ones i shaped and glassed this summer. 7’6” 9’2” and 9’9”
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    A friends board. really nice Brom Fish at a killer price
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    Fins for sale- Sold

    -True Ames 7” Bonzer - perfect condition -SOLD -DRD4 6.5” Tudor template bonzer- perfect condition- SOLD -Larry Allison 8” Volan Flex fin- excellent condition SOLD -RFC 9.5” “pure glass”excellent condition -SOLD -TA 9.5” Velzy Classic -some small scratches on leading edge SOLD **all prices...
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    Anyone running a 9" fin?

    Not all 9” fins are the same. I run a 9” California classic in my 9’6”. It’s a perfect amount of fin. The 9” Dobson or 4a are too small.
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    A these Dark Times.

    Congratulations on the board! I’ve always been attracted to that board and even not so subtlety copied the plan shape for what turned out to be my favorite longboard. I’ve tried a bunch of fins on it and my favorite by far is the California classic true Ames (fareboro flex, same shape, might...
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    WTB- Mini Simmons board bag- in RI

    Ive got a 6’0 fish dakine board bag that I’m not using. yours if you want it.
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    Bonzer longbord?

    My CB Bonzer “longbord" :oops: finally arrived! Couldn't be more stoked. 9'0" X 22-1/2" X 2-7/8"
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    Bonzer longbord?

    Pulled the trigger on a custom 9’0 round pin w/ e-wing from Malcolm. It’s in the glass shop now. Wondering what fins are people running?
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    Small repair, sanding question/guidance

    yes, all the time.... it works very well. just acrylic sealer. its magic. put it on light, 2 coats, and rub it out with a green scotch brite pad
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    Small repair, sanding question/guidance Secret sauce.
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Thanks! Really hard to part with this one. who ever scores this will be stoked- .

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