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    Heavy water loggin’… do ya do it? Faves that do?

    Learned to surf in Hawaii back in the dark ages on a 10' pig built by one of my uncles, double 10 oz volan on the deck, single 10 bottom (not to mention all the patches -- everyone learned on that board; generations), D fin, ironing board rocker, 50/50 nose to tail (fat egg end), pre-leash (he'd...
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    FS: 7'10" Borbone bonzer

    Foiled beautifully. Really nice work.
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    Moving from LA -> Brooklyn

    If space is an issue I highly recommend Mike Becker of Nature Shapes/Carbon Compact. I've ridden a custom 10' Carbon Compact for over a year now. Love it. Works in everything. Wide point forward, belly to V, foiled beautifully, splits in half with incredibly well designed bag so fits in back of...
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    Hahaha. Roz Chast?
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    Just round bottom board pics

    Beautiful boards. Full circle for me. Started out in '72 on a round-bottomed pig built by one of my uncles in Hawaii (ironing board flat but turned on rail nicely). In the interim rode pretty much everything in between, including concaves on concaves. Now, in my dotage, have three boards, two...
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    Any women in this place?

    Just watched a vid of her this morning. Love her no-hands popup from her knees.
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    Post Your Quiver

    Ricky Carroll as well.
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    JC Nelson

    Mr. Smukes, I think you need to stand out in the hall until you’re ready to rejoin us.
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    can anyone help me better understand (surf) nostalgia

    I've been obsessed with other sports. Wrestled through college (DIII, mediocre), baseball until 22 (sh*tbird middle infielder), fast-pitch softball until my 30s, slo-pitch until 50. Four teams at a time, weekend tournaments, 120-plus games a year. Judo, swimming, basketball, football. My feeling...
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    Board(s) you're sitting on and can't / won't sell and why

    This thread cuts to the core of my being. This thread knows me better than I know myself. So here's the short, tragic tale of my board history. Rode one, pintail single, from the early 70s to the mid 80s (exact times/dates, not to mention their relation to distance, impossible to determine...
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    not a pop out

    Beautiful. Love pigs.
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Might be the SWP shaped for Chris Gentile at Pilgrim.
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    Good sellers list

    Slosurf Roach Jook John Mizrachi Gearnut JMJackfish
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    Big Fish For Big Guys (or girls)

    Killer board/deal, btw.

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