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    Long fish vs (oh so trendy) channel bottom twin mids

    Waiting on a 7’2 myself. Wishing I was bringing it with to El Sal tomorrow. I always second guess every custom order. Trying to ask more shaper input and insight these days. It’s pretty anti productive not to listen, but it’s also hard to get your own (probably way overanalyzed) thoughts out of...
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    WTB 11’ Christenson Chris Craft glider.

    Epic. Glad this worked out. I was going to say that Chris is shaping in Florida pretty regularly now for orders going to Real Water Sports. They have some there, looks like you got what you need though. Congrats!
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    I know the seller. Good dude and I can pick up and help store for board train if anyone is interested.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Did you get the board Rick?
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    Post Your Quiver

    Coop pics please!
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    Wanted: Huevo Ranchero

    I’ve seen Craigslist
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    This one is in my inbox and I can’t post Jesus powered.
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    5’11 Mandala Quad Fish

    Posting for a friend. Board is located in Jacksonville. I can assist with shipping/board train. full info/dims/pics listed on my IG. Dm if you don’t have insta or need more info.
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    SOLD 9’6 Christenson Bonneville

    I think you are thinking of the flathead model which was Mikey Detemple's template. This is Mitch Abshere's model the Bonneville. Lot's of tail kick, pulled in nose, widepoint back. I have one and like it in zippi lined up small surf.
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Virtually brand new 5'9 x 21.5 x 3 Michael Miller quad fish (easily floats 200lb rider) that is down to $475 on my ig page. Have no idea how this board has not been scooped up. Going to be traded in to local shop for consignment soon. I would jump. I can assist, not making anything on this tip...
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    Shaper du jour?

    I’ve been in the bay for multiple boards shaped in the past, but most were boards I was familiar with. This last weekend I had the pleasure of watching @JBorbone shape my 10’10 glider. He was super informative with explaining the why’s of how the bottom contours worked and some of past theory...
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    what are people listening to today?

    Freshly uploaded older mixes from DJ Shadow.
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    Shaper du jour?

    @dr flavors You raise some valid questions and arguments. But I’ll just start with one. Is the pinnacle of board building - designing high performance boards that make the top .1% of surfers better and if so, what percentage of the rest of surfers benefit from that? Or is the pinnacle of board...
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    San Diego

    Just text me 619-867-5309 my wife and I share a phone so if the responder seems puzzled, just tell Jenny it’s about the Boards with the wings on them in the garage she keeps nagging me to get rid of.
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    San Diego

    I have a bunch I’m willing to get rid of at approximately 30% lower than what they are actually worth. Just send cash.