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    The Gentlemans Thruster

    I've been eyeing a Pyzalien 2, you ever surfed one? Prolly falls too far into the off the rack board category for OP though
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    Shaper Recommendations

    Not sure how often he shapes but could be worth pinging Rob Brown, he's always at SanO. Saw you listed Portland as part of your home area, Rob used to run a shop up in Westport way back when
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    Snowboard Advice

    Snowboarding is the easiest of board sports, you'll be fine. It's like riding a bike though, going fast is easier than slow. Don't skimp on boots as that's your one touch point to the board, if your feet are cold or uncomfortable your day is f'ed. Layering is your friend with a quality outer...
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    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Excellent news Ding!
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    Board Rack Burns again in Waikiki.

    I thought they put a sprinkler system in there after the last fire, though I guess with surfboards that isn't going to do much given what they're made of. Glad they caught this guy, if his pic is out there he's going to have a lot of 'issues' when he gets out.
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    Thinning out quiver (All Sold): Gato, Mandala, Klaus Jones

    Damn, surprised any of these are still around! I'd take that parabola if I didn't already have a board sitting at a buddy's hosue down there waiting for me to get it
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    11' Phillips in Waikiki
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    North Shore suggestions?

    x2 on Poke for the People. They've moved so if you haven't been there in over a year map it. Also love the kalua pig breakfast burritos at Kono's. If you like decent beer your best bet is stopping in town at Hana Koa before you head out and stock up on some cans, or Village for a selection...
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    FS: 7'4 Larry Mabile - Honey Badger Twin

    Oooooh my, that'd be a fun one! Should sell quick. Also first time I've seen that gearbox system in a long time
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    Cabin for Sale - 1 Hour from Lake Tahoe, 3 Hours from Santa Cruz $274,000

    One woman's romantic comedy is every man's horror of a movie
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    Cabin for Sale - 1 Hour from Lake Tahoe, 3 Hours from Santa Cruz $274,000

    I've got a place in Buckley I'll sell you, complete with 24x36 shaping bay/glass shop (or technically just a garage/shop, but hey marketing) :p
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    10' Davenport 40-65 $325 SOLD

    Love a good battle worn rider, someone will be stoked
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    Board Train Offer- Santa Cruz to PDX

    Oooh snap, will have to see if my buddy that has my Kris Hall down south is going to be up your way before you leave.
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    I think that belongs to someone here (or they just traded it from here)
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    Fowler review

    He just really REALLY likes Ray-Ban sales