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    FOUND - Long Fish - thanks for the help guys!

    I just picked up that woodin from another jammer: Croweater - Ben easy transaction, would recommend buying from him in the future
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    FOUND - Long Fish - thanks for the help guys!

    Bummer, Unfortunately it looks like i missed it. sounds like exactly what i was looking for...
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    FOUND - Long Fish - thanks for the help guys!

    Looking to buy a long fish in the 8’6-9’6 range, preferably something from the usual suspects (Miller,Hall,Griffin,Mitsven). Open to all fin setups, I’ve been looking on CL and offerup for the past couple weeks with no luck, so thought id try here. Preferably something priced at 800 and below...
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    Flying Diamonds fins

    I’m using a 10.5in involvement fin in my 10’0 Kris hall jazz pin. So far I have no complaints, actually prefer is to a 10.5 4A in this board.
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    Kris Hall Jazz Pinn

    Picked up my board a couple weeks ago, Haven't picked up another one of my boards since. it does like waves with more size for sure, but this thing turns on a dime and flys down the line. i have tried a couple fins including the one that he gave me, and a 10.5 4a, but have really been liking...
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    Alaska Air line - Traveling with a board

    Thanks for all the replies guys, it seems the airlines have a bit of mixed answers when I've called them. its going to be a little tricky, but from what i understand they will just charge an oversized baggage fee of 100$ if the board is bigger than 9'6. I will be flying out to maui from lax...
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    Alaska Air line - Traveling with a board

    Hey Guys, i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Alaska airlines traveling with boards. Their website suggests that you cannot travel with anything over 115 inches, so a 9'6 would be about all I can bring. all of my boards are over 9'9. i was wondering if anyone's showed up to...
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    WTT 9.75 Tyler Warren true ames Pivot

    Looking for a 10.25 or 10.75 Tyler pivot. Located in Laguna beach.
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    Kris Hall Jazz Pinn

    Still waiting on my board. He usually has a stock fin but he is out at the moment probably due to pandemic. I picked up a 10.5in volan 4a per his recommendation on a 10 ft jazz pin.
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    WTB: gato heroi - killer, sufar, dagger

    thalia surf shop just got a dagger with a glass on fin.
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    9'0 Mitsven Magic Fins
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    SOLD - Deepest Reaches mega fish

    11’0 deepest reaches glider. Not really my style, already have a 11’0 glider. Bought on offer up used very lightly interested in trades from 9’0-10’6 800 is what I paid (hoping to get that for it) I’m new here, but can meet up in south OC to meet where you choose with the board
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    Kris Hall Jazz Pinn

    Thanks for the advice John, ive been eyeing this board for over a year now....very excited. Ill let everyone know how she goes in a few weeks!
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    Kris Hall Jazz Pinn

    New here, about to order from Kris and wondering if anyone has had experience riding? Thanks!

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