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    Dogs on the beach?

    I don't know that particular beach well but I do think that there should be at least one permanent off-leash dog beach in northern San Diego county. If there are sensitive birds at that beach or whatever (sounds like that's not the case given that permits are granted for surf contests) then do...
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    The seed has been planted. Thomas High Pro log

    Just read through this and I am shocked that the thread was not about a remake of the boards Harrison Roach was surfing in the early 2000s (there is a clip somewhere on the Internet of him in a longboard heat against Julian Wilson that is all time).
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    Noserider sizing for 200 lb man.

    I think sizing up, somewhere in the 9'10 to 10' range, is a good idea. I'm not familiar with all of the boards you listed but I'd try to do some homework and find which of those boards, if any, are geared towards a larger pilot. I think a board that carries more thickness in the middle...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Should cost more given who is holding it.
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    Yater Spoon thoughts

    I have one of the 60s spoons and have ridden it for probably about 10 years now, maybe a bit less. It's 10'2", so a bit longer than they usually were. It has a plastic Greenough Stage III fin that was set in resin in what I assume was a box intended for a Wonderbolt fin. Maybe some of that is...
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    Ear Plugs

    I've used Surf Ears for about a year now. I'm still on my first pair after using them several times a week, so they're more durable than the plugs I've used in the past. I find them comfortable with or without a hood on. I haven't gotten water stuck in my ears since I started using them, so they...
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    Gregg Hunt

    I’d say 700-800. Also it’s Gregg Hunt not Greg Hunt.
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    Longboard finds - not deals
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    Want to buy: Cooperfish Device.

    If you ever want to pass it on let me know. I just got a bicycle so now my range is southern Oceanside.
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    Want to buy: Cooperfish Device.

    Ooof, that one would have been perfect. Would even have walked to Encinitas for it. Just to say, I am actually looking for one of these boards.
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    Want to buy: Cooperfish Device.

    Had one a long time ago that I ended up having to sell to raise funds for a bong ticket I got. Looking to rekindle the fire and reclaim my youth. Would like something dinged and tanned in the 9'8" to 10' range but I can run it into the rocks and leave it in the sun myself after purchase if...
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    Are you locked down?

    Has anyone heard of anybody who thinks they got COVID while suring/in the parking lot/walking to the waves/etc? Not trying to start a debate, just genuinely curious.
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    Lance Carson *Sold Different board, but this one is in California if someone wasn't able to figure out shipping from Hawai'i.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal) I am convinced that basically all transition era shortboards ride like crap but there does seem to be a lot of interest in them here.
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    FS: 1967 Con CC Rider Lightweight, 10'2

    Regarding the fin, yeah the plastic threading on the fin is shot. Metal threading into plastic is not such a good idea. The fin actually fell out the first time I rode the board and I spent an hour and a half diving looking for it. Turns out the fin floats. Found it eventually. I 'solved' this...