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    Start shaping.

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    Start shaping.

    I think the key would be to focus on one particular design for a while. a crude one at that. bang a few out before you even glass anything.
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    Start shaping.

    One should start shaping and glassing in their garage, NOW. Focus on the glasswork. All shapers and glassers started at zero.
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    Start shaping.

    Import and distribute materials to shape. And shape!
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    Start shaping.

    Now is the time. Just sayin. Think about it. Custom orders are backed up. Established shapers are swamped. The market is primed for it. It seems like there are a bunch of new people trying surfing. Maybe start an Instagram or TikTok account. Try to get your boards placed in the lobby of...
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    Joe Quigg surfboard

    I dare you to cut it up and make a fish out of it, or a piapo thingy.
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    Longboard style masters

    lately, I've seen some lines drawn on huge waves in Oregon and at Mavericks. The lines drawn seem to define the surfer. made me think.
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    Merrick Family Buys back Channel Islands

    the smell of tar and eucalyptus never smelled better.
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    El Toro Sailing school 10-12 years olds rescued by Santa Cruz surfers

    I'm not following this logic. Isn't the person listening to the stupid person more stupid? Now I understand these were kids... So, in this case, if we are pointing fingers at the stupid people, wouldn't we point it at the parents for dropping their kids off in the first place? Just sayin'...
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    New Jam Look

    ditching the advertisements would go A LOOONNNGGGGGG WAY.
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    Big surf, far from beach, and a broken leash safety tips.

    I was surfing in the Caribbean once. 6'8" thruster. a reef. slabs. got a few. then got taxed. I ended up on the outside of the reef where the other 3 surfers were (all on near 9' gun type things) with out my board. leash broke. there was a tremendous amount of water moving everywhere. There...
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    Where are all the Hobies?

    I think I have surfed this one. If not, one VERY similar.
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    Bing Glassing

    Why blast on an internet chat room before going to the source?

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