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    FT 9'2 Christenson Bandito in Orange County

    Got this recently from Mollusk, rode it a couple times and decided I'm not into nose concave. Trade wishlist, but also willing to buy: 10'0 - 10'6 Chris Craft 9'0 - 9'4 Tyler Wingnose 8'8 - 9'4 Magic Sam 8'8 - 9'0 L-Spoon 8'6 - 9'11 Megafish with newer, foiled rails 8'2+ McVee, Baby V, Hot...
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    Let's talk BAGS

    I'm digging the new Creatures day bags. They're a lot more refined and fitted than other bags I've owned. Not cheap, but worth it (so far). One caveat—the fin slot isn't cut far back enough for certain hulls.
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    CL Deals NorCal

    7'6 Fineline Egg
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    [SOLD] 9'4 Tyler Warren Salinas + 8'1 Fineline Hot Generation

    9'4 Tyler Warren Salinas—$old Like new, barely ridden, no dings 9'4 x 22 1/2" x 2 7/8" 8'1 Fineline Hot Generation—$old Got this one from @younglee recently, but the glass job is a bit too heavy for me. Golf ball top, repaired rail ding from before my time, clean bottom. See pics for dims...
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    Bad "Sellers" List

    I've also had nothing but awesome experiences on here, so I'm super bummed to report this, but the Craigslist types of scams are here: I followed a "lead" for a hot generation from @phapasxt. Emailed their friend "Regis," got beautiful photos of the board, then things got fishy: o_O Shipping...
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    WTB Fineline Hot Generation

    One of those boards I regret selling, so looking for another. Ideally in the upper 7' to mid 8' range, pleaseeeee :) Might be willing to trade a 7'4 Fineline egg, 9'0 Fineline SOS, or 9'6 Gato Heroi Fleur, but prefer to buy. I'm in Orange County / San Francisco.
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    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    Not mine, just found it on my daily craigslist cruise
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    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    6'10 for $700
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    WTT 9'3 Fineline SOS for Hot Gen or McVee - DONE DEAL

    Technically yes, but I'm currently in Orange County.
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    WTT 9'3 Fineline SOS for Hot Gen or McVee - DONE DEAL

    I got this 9'3 SOS from @NoseRideTheWhip a few years ago—love it but also have a 9'0. I'm located in Orange County and want to trade it for an 8'0-8'8 Hot Generation or McVee. Also open to a Liddle Super Smoothie, Lovelace Thick Lizzy, or Gato Heroi boards. Overall good condition—typical...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    9~11 Megafish - $475
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    9’4 Tyler - $600 Talked to the owner. Looks and sounds like a Northsider.
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    FS: Greenough 4A fins

    Both are in excellent condition. Prices include shipping within continental US. Paypal or Venmo would be great. Thanks for looking :) 7" volan - $60 9.75" red - $50 - sold
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    6'8 Liddle Death Machine

    Bought this very recently at Mollusk in SF—only ridden a handful of times. Want a slightly bigger version. 6'8 x 22 1/2" x 3" Comes with 8.5" volan flex fin. Has a couple barely noticeable deck pressures. $900 for jammers. I'm currently on the East Coast, and can meet up between Portland, ME...
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    9'8 Jim Phillips Da Copy Cat in SF / Bay Area

    $750 for jammers