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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    That’s a deallll
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    Board Train: Bay Area -> Ventura/LA

    When are you headed back up?
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    CL Deals NorCal

    Ahh sorry, will have moved back to HI by then. :(
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    CL Deals NorCal

    I could do, when are you coming through?
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    Shipping LA to HI?

    Delta Air Cargo! The known shipper sign up process is tedious though. I'm pretty sure Alaskan have no charges on surfboards as well, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    WTB 8' egg 2+1 Mitsven/ Hanel/ etc

    Hey all, Looking to buy an eggy 2+1. Not set on any particular shaper. Mostly longboard but looking for something with a bit of versatility to surf when it's overhead or when I'm bored of the log. In the Bay Area but spend alot of time in Santa Cruz. Let me know :)
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    [Updated] FS - Wegener

    Seriously… if that DK was on the west coast I’d have gone for it immediately
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    Any info on Myers Surfboards out on HI?

    Really love the design of his longboards, wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with them? The Naupaka looks fun.
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    CL Deals NorCal !!!
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    Longboard finds - not deals
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    Longboard finds - not deals Not a deal but also not bad