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    Hilbers Stoke

    9.4 & 9.2 SOS. No other board has felt more attached to my feet than the 9.4. Maybe it's the dirty wax.;)
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    I surfed bolsa too. Couple head high sets but I wasn't in the right spot for any of them. I didn't have any spectacular waves but there were some gems to be had. Water was warmer than I expected. I didn't need the 4/3 but my 3/2 is so full of holes it's basically the same protection as a spring...
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    Alaska Air line - Traveling with a board

    Just wanted to post my experience as I looked up this info before flying and couldn’t find an update. I flew into OGG on Alaska using technically a 10 ft coffin board bag with 2 nine footers, 2 day bags, fins, swim fins, soft racks - all weighing about 90 pounds. They didn’t give me any problems...
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    Looking to rent boards in maui

    I’ve used 808 in napili bay before. I brought boards this trip. 2 longboards $60 round trip
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    COVID crowds abating???

    I've noticed a thinning where I usually go especially at dawn. I figured people are going out more and just not getting up as early.
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    Informal Ventura Jamboard logjam?

    I'd make the trip up from L.A.
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    Who has Surf Travel plans coming up?

    San Elijo end of April & Maui end of June!
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    WTB: 4'8-5'8 short, fat, & wide

    Looking for a good condition first board for my 10 year old son. He's been learning on my midlengths and longboards. I'm looking for a board that he can handle that won't push him around. Let me know if you have a fish/pod/eggy thing that's laying around.
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    Ding repair advice - epoxy

    Thanks for everyone’s help. I put three layers of glass on it and painted white since I didn’t feel like color matching.

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