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  • I hesitate to message you but feel this is important. Member john s joined the forum in Dec last year. Seems to be scamming others. He posted the same board for sale 3 times this year, each time claiming it was sold. His current post was then changed to the title Tenfooter to mock another member. He also changed his location to ‘tenfooter’. Please help. Thank You
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    hi there, sorry to bother you, but do you know the new member lancerk?-
    I think I fell for the biggest scam ever made.
    I Sent money over one of his "friend", who works for UPS, and ships for free
    the guy started a conversation , BC i posted I needed a fat round log
    and he came right away

    anyway, nowadays anyone can be a member?

    anyway, I ll keep you posted to see if this was a big scam
    Hey LBM,I think you asked people to speak up when the forum is hijacked by a spammer. Well, it’s been happening every visit for the last week or so. Thanks for taking a look at this, and thanks for his great forum! John/ bonzer
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