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  • Interested in the dnnr wondering the price without a trade. Closest I could do for a trade is a
    10’ bing noserider from early 80s.
    Hello there, I was talking to Gene Cooper yesterday.... While not for general sale, with a nod from Gene I am reaching out. I have a 10' or 10'2 MYM, a 7'6 Comet and a 7'4 (I think) Speedhull. Boards are ALL immaculate condition. And, they arent cheap as you well know. I am in San Clemente so they would need to go to FoamEZ or Bashams to pack and ship. Bing may ship too and their packing is stellar. Rich
    You got me on that Cooperfish Mello. I thought I had it when he emailed me back his phone number (incorrect) and by the time he got back to me I guess you bought it. If you ever want to move it or the others let me know. And if that VPIN I have interests you I'd consider trading it since I'll get much more use out of the mello
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