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    Any Bing experts? Here is the group. Join post pictures and get a birth certificate from Bing Copeland himself. Tom Moss, a member, is very knowledgeable and arguably the authority on Bing surfboards.
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    East coast board train thread

    Anyone traveling from NYC area to northern New Jersey/ Monmouth County tomorrow or saturday? Need to get a board to @michael
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    FS: 9'8" Santa Monica Surf Case with Fin Box adaptor

    Great condition, minor surface scratches...all straps, buckles, and wheels in good working order. Asking $200
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    SOLD: 10'11 Josh Hall Fish Simmons

    Board is sold ya'll, Koalton you're going to be stoked. Thanks to everyone who chimed in.
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    SOLD: 10'11 Josh Hall Fish Simmons

    Ill stoke the flames and post better photos soon...
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    SOLD: 10'11 Josh Hall Fish Simmons

    I can give you a wide SUP type board bag ...
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    SOLD: 10'11 Josh Hall Fish Simmons

    I have too many gliders at this point and need to downsize. This one is a beauty...very fun to ride...its the board im riding in my avatar photo...decided i can let it go because i have a 9'9 fish simmons which i find more versitle. 8 out of 10 condition...couple of pressures here and...
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    Bing Lightweight Squaretail

    Oofff...i've been regreting selling mine a while back...sometimes you dont truely appreciate what you have until its gone....this is very tempting...a suburb board, great rider and very functional noserider
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    WTB Santa Monica Surfcase 9’6”

    I've got one, with a fin box adapter...i believe it is 9' located in Queens. Out of town at the moment. Trying to find some photos of it. Like new condition.
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    SOLD OUT: The nice items sale: Isurus 454 size large, New Greenough 4a, New Josh Hall 7.5, new leash and NEW Tyler Waren quad set

    Interested in the wetsuit, how are the seams? Any leakage in the crotch when sitting up on the board?
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    Incredibly niche fin question - have you seen this trailer before?

    It is quite floaty like a boogie board, very lightweight as well. Takes sometime to get use to poping up on it, i frankly ride it most like a boogie or knee board. I love to boogie and to mat surf in the summers when the weather is nice...i see the speed square as my "Ferrari" boogie. Fast as...
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    7'10 G&S Midget Farrelly Stringerless V Bottom

    Lets revisit this discussion in 2 weeks...first week of February. I have a board to transport to RI already, so one way or another we will make it work. I'd love to turn this all into a New England surf trip. Someone invite me for a surf and show me your favorite breaks