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    WWT Klaus Jones, Pavel

    DM sent for the Dirt.
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    SOLD: 7’6 Vaquero

    Sale pending.
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    SOLD: 7’6 Vaquero

    Might be making a mistake but came into possession of a 7’3 that’s a little more suited to me. Almost pristine. Has a couple light heels, one little bit of spider webbing, and, the big one, a little nose job done by Joe Roper(from a shipping accident before it even got wet). Volan glass job...
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    San Diego

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    SOLD 7’4 Mandala Delta V Twin

    It’s all good. I do have someone in line for the board. I’m hoping it works out so he can get it in the water for this swell! If not I’ll let ya’ll know if it’s back available.
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    SOLD 7’4 Mandala Delta V Twin

    The board is currently spoken for. Thanks for the interest!
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    SOLD 7’4 Mandala Delta V Twin

    Gotta clear out some space in my 7’4 range and it’s time to let someone else get their hands on this beauty. Ya’ll know the deal, very en vogue channel bottom twin. Amazing speed and super easy to turn with nice, forgiving rails. Shaped by Manny Caro. He doesn’t put dims on the board(and I don’t...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    450?!??! Christmas is coming early for someone
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    FS - more fins

    I’ll take the black TA if it’s still available.
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    Feral Wetsuits - any reviews. are they the same company as Need Essential? then wtf? lol

    I love my 3/2 for SD winters. Same fit as Rip Curl or Patagonia. Super warm and it dries out very fast, which is great for those two session days. I will say it had a pretty strong gasoline or petrol smell for my first couple sessions but went away fair quickly.
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    SOLD - Deepest Reaches mega fish

    Looks awesome and a killer price, but 11’ is a bit too big for me.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    “A real head turner”!
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    This thing looks pretty fun
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    Who'd you order a new longboard from?

    Hank Byzak is a great shaper. He shapes most of Joel Tudor’s boards, been around for a long time.