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    Mandala 9’1 Clandestino-Sold

    My 8'6 was a blast in California. I bet 9'1 is a really sweet spot for Central Florida! Good luck with the sale!
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    Kauai (This Summer) Looking for Advice Re: Longboarding

    @dsquare was a wealth of knowledge on our last trip from Ventura pre-covid. We've planned at least two return trips since then (02/20) that didn't pan out for covid related reasons. but we're thrilled to get back some time soon. Y'all enjoy!
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    (4) 20’ Trex Outdoor Decking Boards

    I’ve installed the flatline van co roof racks on four vans now. I’ve seen the videos of those brackets with 80/20 and really like the low profile look of that set up. What length van are you working with?? The 170 sprinters and the extended body transit that I’ve built had an outrageous amount...
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    (4) 20’ Trex Outdoor Decking Boards

    Sorry, dropped it off to a neighbor that’s building a little porch for themselves! The cross bars are manufactured and sold by Flatline Van Co (makers of the rack) but they’d bolt in to any 15 series 80/20 as long as it’s more than 47.5” long
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    (4) 20’ Trex Outdoor Decking Boards

    In my opinion it’s extremely negligible (weight wise). The decking pictured is Azek. The texture, the aesthetics, and the weight make it an amazing choice but that’s just my opinion! Heat wise I haven’t had an issue with the Azek decking. As far as pricing goes, Aluminess will make you an...
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    (4) 20’ Trex Outdoor Decking Boards

    Happy to share!! The decking is attached every 14 inches on center! For this deck that’s seven cross bars and the deck is over 6’ long, likely closer to 7’
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    (4) 20’ Trex Outdoor Decking Boards

    The roof rack from Flatline van company has 15 series 80/20 aluminum cross bars. Slide a t nut in there, drill a 1/4 hole in the decking, and pass through a 1/4-20 bolt. Drilling the holes so that it lines up perfectly with the slot/t nut that it needs to find is the tricky part - you cannot be...
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    (4) 20’ Trex Outdoor Decking Boards

    I’ve got four 20’ pieces of Trex outdoor decking left over from my last van build (client didn’t like this color on the van so we went with a different brand). Posting here with the thought that someone might want to make a shower platform for post-surf rinse downs or if someone has an outdoor...
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    FS: 7’10 Trimcraft Haley Pin w/ Glass on $850 (Ventura)

    For less than the cost of a coffee at Prospect per day, you can prevent this board from being socked away at our cabin. $850
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    gato SOLD

    I mens this has got to go very quickly, right?
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal) This one’s daddy’s.
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    FS: 7’10 Trimcraft Haley Pin w/ Glass on $850 (Ventura)

    Healthy price drop down to $900. 5 more days until it hits Craigslist. Fin and sock still included at $900.
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    can anyone help me better understand (surf) nostalgia

    Lol “duck”! That’s great. Seems like they always have a “bitch of an ex wife” that at some point won their beach home in the divorce and that’s why they live in an apartment inland. When my fiancé comes out with me we take bets on whether or not we’ll overhear an old head here in Ventura...

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