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    Zippi testimonials?

    I’ve got a Zippi, everyone is right his boards pack a bunch of foam I went 6’4”, figuring I would err on the side of too much foam rather than too little. Doesn’t bother me and I can still ride it even as I get into my 60s. Glad to hear Mike is still shaping them, a great design, super fun
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Since the Harley Ingleby Moe got mentioned, I’ll chime in I’ve got an 8’0, I’ve only got about 6 sessions on it but really like it so far. I’ve ridden it in some ok and mediocre EC beach breaks ,waist to head high. Paddles and catches waves great , very responsive on the wave , good speed and...
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    COVID-19 Who had/has it?

    Thanks Chilly and DJR we'll try those tactics to see if it helps. I guess I’m just a bit frustrated from not knowing if we are a week away, a month away or six months away from the shots Jim
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    COVID-19 Who had/has it?

    My wife and I are both in our 60s, we’ve been diligent since last may to stay home (retired) and wear masks wash hands, stay out of indoors and stay distanced. I just finished my radiation treatments for recurrence of Prostate Cancer last month. We are trying to get the vaccine but seems hard if...
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    FS: 5’10 Zippi Fish $220

    Yes check his instagram @zippifishsurfboards
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    Surf prescriptions TUR-TWIN PIN

    The S fins reminded me of a set I’ve got on a quad fish Check out the fins Robin Mair makes Hanalei fins, definitely work well. He has a website so easily available and he is a great guy I’ve put several sets in my boards More than worth the money
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    Your favorite stringer ever thread

    Apologize for the poor quality of the photos. My 9’4” DaCopy Cat by Jim the Genius Can’t say enough about what a work of art this board is, I had asked for twin stringers capturing the fin box. Jim took it to the next level by tapering them over the length of the board. With the scooped out step...
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    I really like the logo
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    I started training 4 years ago, I was 57 at the time. I really enjoy it , as far as injuries- I’ve had a few smaller ones. The thing with BJJ is you can tap, if a guy is establishing an arm bar & you don’t know or cant ex3cute an escape , tap! There is no point in fighting to the death in...
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    JC Nelson Boards.

    Yeah I do that also, having that edge does help a bit. Got the shoulder carry down now haha
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    JC Nelson Boards.

    Ha ha I was waiting to see if Ricksurfin answered. Nose riding is not something I am good at, and most of the waves I ride don’t really lend themselves to it. This board trims really well from the middle and front, turns exceptionally well . I like it for catching early trimming and carving-...
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    JC Nelson Boards.

    I have a 9’3” parallax. I like it , seems kinda like a mix between a hull (yeah I know it isn’t a true hull ) and a performance single fin. It a big board (78 liters I believe) but turns nicely, interesting bottom- all convex, no conclaves at all. Fast , glides through the flat sections easily...
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    Board sizing

    Ricksurfin- I appreciate the analogy to a golf handicap , I am coming to the realization that as the years add up I need to add some more foam. Thanks for confirming what I was thinking Jim
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    Board sizing

    Wondering what considerations other people use when sizing Longboards? I’ve usually used 9’0 as a size for the East Coast beach breaks I surf, occasionally I’ll go up in size it it is a board more focused for the really small stuff we have I was thinking that as I’ve gotten older (62) I should...
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    East Coast fish shapers

    Where is Jacques Beriau located, I’ve never heard of him? Thanks

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