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    Twinzer Design/Experiment.

    Nice!! What shape is your twinzer?
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    Twinzer Design/Experiment.

    Thank you for posting all of this info. Its really helpful but also a little beyond my understanding when talking about fin placement and cant. For a newbie, is there an "ideal" shape for the twinzer? SK posted a 6'6 or 6'8 mini log with a twinzer a few months ago that seemed interesting but...
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Any chance you can give us the details on the next twinzer experiment. I'd love to hear about it. I've been contemplating a twinzer from Stu Kenson for the last year or so.
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    Long fish vs (oh so trendy) channel bottom twin mids

    Do those long fish work in beach breaks? Seems like they would excel in point surf.
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    Anyone riding a long fish?

    I’m considering a 7’-8’ twinnie long fish. Anyone riding one in beach break? Ive got a fish that I love and I’m wondering if the longer ones give the same feeling. I’m looking to ride it in the smaller softer stuff and at some of the more crowded/competitive spots. I’m wondering how they...
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    South Carolina/Folly Beach/Charleston

    Wow! Thank you so much!!
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    South Carolina/Folly Beach/Charleston

    I’m in the Charleston/Mount Pleasant area for a few days for a baseball tournament. Can any SC friends give some recommendations for things to do or see and restaurants? Thank you!
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    Twinzer feedback

    I’m not familiar with Larmo’s boards. Is that a certain model?
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    Twinzer feedback

    Please give us a ride report
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    Just missed this one.
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    WTB. Futures Rasta Twin fins

    @cuda - just curious, why not go with the TA twin? I think that’s the fin MC recommends.
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    Bonzer fins and others for sale

    I’ll take the 6.5 bonzer fin
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    Twinzer feedback

    Please give us a ride report when you get a chance
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    Twinzer feedback

    I was leaning toward Stu Kenson
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    Fins! Futures + Longboard

    I I'll take the McCallum Twins