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    WTB Pig style deck drilled with old school holes 9”-10”

    I just found a guy on Instagram in MA who makes pig decks. Check out Pete's Pigs.
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    East Coast fish shapers

    Brian Wynn in NJ
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    What's your commute?

    South Jersey - between 65 and 85 minutes depending on the break.
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    First day after breaking my finger in one of the mid-October storms... pulled up to a popular S. Jersey spot and no cars. Figured I got skunked, but I was there so worth a look. Sun was out, Wind was nnw 10-15, and inconsistent but very loggable waves were coming through. Paddled out and kept...
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Saturday 1/26, South Jersey - almost didn't go... the backyard thermometer read 17'F, the rhododendron were curled up, it was dark. But the buoy was showing 3.0 ft. at 10 sec. OK, gotta go, haven't been out in almost a month. Pull up to the spot and almost no cars; don't even check, just get...
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    Man, can't believe I missed that Spherical Revolver. I've been looking for one for a long time...

    Man, can't believe I missed that Spherical Revolver. I've been looking for one for a long time, and that is a nice length. I just bought a Trimulux 9'4" from Heritage but haven't ridden it yet. Do you have any experience with one? Seems like Matt may have added a little more rocker compared...
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    2 Brand New Brian Wynn Longboards

    Love my Wynn longboard
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    Training for the Dads

    I use a Total Gym like this There are a bunch on CL. I placed milk crates under each end and replace the handles by the pulleys (left side of picture) with swimming paddles like these (you have to run some string through the holes and attach the paddles to where the handles attach to the...
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    So.... How old is everyone?

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    Anything Fishy

    All this fishy talk got me inspired so i picked up a 5'10" Wynn off CL. So now i have a couple of questions. In what conditions do you normally choose to ride your fish versus your LB? Or are any LB conditions suitable for a fish, it's just how you're feeling that day? The board i got has...
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Zippi is 5'5" in case anyone's interested, and still for sale as of about 5:00 pm est.
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Really fun waist to sometimes chest high with light offshores early this morning in south Jersey. Boy did the crowd show up by 9:00 am or so though - guess everyone's off today. Loving my new LB from Brian Wynn - 9'0" x 22 3/4" x 2 7/8" - soooo fun.
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    Montauk Hotels

    I'm looking for a hotel to stay for a couple of nights midweek in late September to take my wife for a few days of relaxation. Can anyone suggest a nice place on the ocean that's not outrageously expensive? Surfing is on my agenda but not the top priority (this trip anyway). Thanks
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    Mini Simms questions

    Hey NJ Longboarder,How big (height & weight) are you? Not to get too personal, but trying to judge what size Dharma i might try.