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    [SOLD] Greenough 4a (7.5” & 9.75”) (Ventura)

    I'll be second if it falls through
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    Happy battle surf info

    He finally got back to me via email and is refunding my money, so all is good asking as i actually recieve it in the next few days. Anyone have a set of North Shore fcs skip frye side bites they want to sell? From my research only this guy Mark sells them and I'm good on that. I recently got a...
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    Happy battle surf info

    I used my girlfriends IG and still no reply. This whole experience has been beyond lame. I ordered on the 28th and the funds were taken out on the 31st and this guy mark refuses to respond to a simple fin order. Has anyone else been screwed over buy this guy?
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    Happy battle surf info

    He didnt respond to my text either. I'll give IG a shot if I can figure it out. Thanks
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    Happy battle surf info

    Anyone have any info on what's going on at that shop? I ordered a set of fins 2 weeks ago and I haven't received any shipping info. When I call its got a state your name filter and no one answers or responds to my voicemail. No response to my email. Does anyone know if they're closed or on...
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    Mitsven Modern Classic?

    Any updates on this board? Can't find info anywhere about it.