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    Mr. Christmas

    My dear friend and our brother of the sea, Chuck K. passed away unexpectedly on Jan 23rd. He was the real deal; a lifelong San Diego surfer and a surfboard design connoisseur. Saltwater pulsed through his veins. Irascible and astutely wise, luckily for me, we became friends a couple of years...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Dude, you should give it a rest. You have no idea what you’re talking about. The board is legit. Being sold by original owner, never ridden. It is new and it was glassed at Miller’s Man, you like to run your mouth don’t ya? The seller has more experience and knowledge about water craft than...
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    Best vintage images of Jammers

    Selfie with method of financing new board. Summer of '79. Opal and Cass Streets - Pacific Beach CA. Gas rationing and the fear of being drafted were real
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    wtb skip frye

    In the spirit of offering critiques of other member's posts, I find your frequent use of the racial slur, "cracker", mildly offensive. Just saying...
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    FS 67 Bing DNNR 9'8"

    You mean one of these? It's in our price range $4500.00 Bump
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    FS 67 Bing DNNR 9'8"

    Perfect for holding all the shit this guy has been shoveling concerning the value of his Bing. Little pricey but in the $4500 range
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    Dead Horse, or The Official Not Andreini Andreini Thread

    In 2011, I bought this used 10' board directly from Marc, it was his personal. He glassed it super light - 4 oz all around. Has the hot rod pin striping he adds to many of his personal rides. He only knee paddled it because recovering from broken back at the time - could not ride prone. Board...
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    FS 67 Bing DNNR 9'8"

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    sea of darkness

    Gnarly tongue action.
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    FS 67 Bing DNNR 9'8"

    This guy has a bitchen board but he operates like a complete kook The internet troll from New Jersey calls 'em likes he sees 'em. Nothing wrong with that. FWIW, the Jersey troll is a guy I know I could count on to watch my back in a street fight. Or on a crowded peak. First rate.
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    Parting with boards

    They did already. It's called Phoenix, Arizona.
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    SOLD-Early 60’s Malibu Surfboard $500 obo

    Not polite to talk about my ex-wife in that manner!!
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    what are people listening to today?