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    WTT Hobie 7'2 Retro Egg

    Looking for trades on something interesting in the 8'0 - 10'0 range. This board has some repaired dings and some light pressures. Located in NJ
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    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    Buckled Robert August only $475 TODAY ONLY
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    Jersey Jamfest- Saturday October 1st

    Hey. Newer jammer here but would love to join. I have a few boards I can bring: 7'2 Hobie Retro egg 8'3 Brian Wynn 2+1 egg 9'2 mencel fish simmons twin
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    East Coast Bonzer Seekers

    What do they have these listed at?
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    Ding repairs, I need to ask.

    Would rather just throw some sun cure on it and sand a little rather than taping. That's a beautiful board to be running out there with tape on it
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    Tahiti Pro

    After watching WSL events all summer in mediocre waves they are finally set up at Teahupoo in pretty solid conditions. Watching these guys trading barrels is pretty awesome. The regular footed guys get deeper but it's less impressive than the goofy footers pumping through those super steep...
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    La Niña x 3

    Brutal flat spell in the northeastern US right now. Hopefully some swell on the way soon
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    dude this is gold to me, thank you so much
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    WTB: CRIME Glider 11'1 or 12'1

    Let us know how you like it, interested in these also
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    New Board Stoke Thread

    What was the length on that board? Did you find that you vibed with it or not?
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    New Board Stoke Thread

    I went with glass-on twins bc that's what Charles recommended. You have one with tri fin boxes right?
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    Noserider Recommendations: Big Guy, East Coast Beach Breaks

    Check out the Black Rose Dark Horse. I'm not savvy enough to get long nose rides but this is a Ricky Carrol / Justin Quintal project and this is their noserider specific model. The one I had was 10'0 x 3.25 x 23.75 - lots of foam
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    Wetsuit....quiver? (Northeast folks)

    this time of year in jersey you see people in so many different outfits lol. yesterday in the lineup there was an older dude in trunks and a 1-2mm top next to a young kid in a hooded full suit. For me it's 5/4 hooded, 4/3 (which this year I felt like I was only in a couple times), 3/2, and...
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    Value of 1980s Skip frye in very bad shape... and restoration possibility?

    I would definitely pay a couple hundred bucks for one of those if I was local

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