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    Asymmetrical Fin Options

    Hey all, Picking up an asymmetrical fishy shape in the next couple of weeks and trying to think about fin set-ups. I call it "fishy" because its somewhere between a large fish and a high performance shape. It's built for small waves, but good by Florida standards - won't bring it out until at...

    Bags in West Palm Beach Florida

    PM sent about 9’6!

    Tool-less fin device.

    Big fan of the thumb screws. I have found that if you don't tighten down the thumb screws a ton then the fin will move back in the box if you're really moving. The little rubber washers get lost almost immediately too. Always thought about gluing the washer to the screw to keep them around but...

    Surfing in the Age of the Omnipresent Camera Pretty sure this is the video that is referenced by Brisick. Pretty harsh criticism IMO. Very much enjoy February's style. It is pretty distinct and makes you think its a bit forced, but all the videos I've seen of him are pretty consistent so...

    Alternative bonzer fins?

    In on this thread cause I’m picking up a bonzer 3 from a local shaper in a couple weeks. I’ve heard 4a’s will work as well. In the context of bonzer 5’s though. Here’s some proof -

    New boards arrived, wrong fin configs. What to do?

    I would shout them out if they do make right on it too. I know I took note of the fact Ole made good on a jammer's order they messed up.

    Who has Surf Travel plans coming up?

    Looking into Oaxaca for early August. Still south swell season at that time right? Not looking for death barrels at Puerto Escondido but looks like Salina Cruz has some fun points. Anyone have any experience flying with Interjet with boards along? Cheap flights connecting in Mexico City, but...

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast 9"8 Bing Levitator for $900. Looks near new

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast $450 CJ Nelson - looks like its in good shape. Steal imo
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast This is mine. 5"10 Tom Neilson Classic Twin Fish. I'm the only owner, still have picture of the order form if you're interested about the glassing schedule/blank. Professional repair on one finbox that was...
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast Not mine, but interesting board. 8'10 Hansen 50/50 for $550. Some yellowing but good shape
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    Wet/dry backpack? I have this bag specifically, though its a couple years old and probably updated. Wasn't the best bag if you're looking to put books in, but works well if its gear you're transporting. Never used it with a soaking wet wetsuit, but with...
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast Your chance to get into the surf retail business in the surf hub of the suburbs of Miami! Wonder if this ad will actually work. Pretty familiar with the store, always filled with old, overpriced gear...
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast 9'5 Soko longboard $495. Not sure who the shaper is, but looks like it has a Dingpatch fin 6'0 Self shape Alaia for $80. Been real...
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    I always wonder how much surf there is in Naples. Go there a couple times a year and its always seems to be micro-trace swell but nothing rideable. Have seen pics of waves from the pier from a surf shop I follow on IG