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    In my experience, if the wave isn’t too big you can push the board up so it rolls over the broken wave and avoid getting pushed back too much. If it’s a really large wall of white water I hold onto my board tight with my arms and legs and ride along with it. Trying to sink your body while...
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    3 Rivers California

    Nah. Three Rivers TX.
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    Byzak Speed Shape

    SD, east of La Jolla.
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    Andreini Stoke

    Rode my 10’3” Vaq yesterday and today for the first time in months. Today was slow, mushy rollers that were stacking up and turning into little zipper lefts on the inside. The Vaq was perfect. Get in early, set a line, point and shoot. So much fun, need to ride mine more often.
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    Tell me all about MAGIC MODELS

    Several of the regulars at one of my main spots ride Mitsven Magics in the 10’-10’6” range and swear by them. It’s not exactly a screaming wave tho, pretty soft N County reef.
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    In search of the ultimate cruiser

    If you are frequently riding steep/fast/junky beach break, I’d probably go with a 2+1 egg or similar. If we’re talking softer beachbreak + reef / point waves, an 8-ish fish Simmons.
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    So how do you know what board to take out?

    Having identified you need something smaller than a longboard for bigger, steeper waves, I’d start with an eggish shape somewhere between 7’6” and 8’ (depending on your weight and paddle proficiency) set up as either 2+1 or thruster.
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    TRADED 9’0 Michael Miller Drifter

    Ditto, I have a 9’0” Drifter with similar dims and love it. Just ordered an 8’0” version for slightly larger conditions.
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    Can't get a Frye Fish, what's the next closest thing?

    Agree. I'd contact one of those guys and discuss where you are gonna surf the board and how you want it to perform. Think that will be a more helpful and productive conversation than asking for one "like a Skip."
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    Advice on board deposit

    To me this is a communication issue. All good shapers are backed up and anyone wanting a custom right now needs to understand that. But if the shaper has been holding a deposit for that long and won't respond, that's a different issue entirely.
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    SOLD 10’8 Michael Miller Drifter

    Re: dims, this is the same board:
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Paddled out at my usual (mellow) N. County peak 9:30 - 11. 2' and windy to boot, 20+ people out anyway. Warm water. A couple guys checking out each other's (JC) Nelsons. A guy on a tiny shortboard loudly excoriating one of the Nelson dudes for a perceived lack of deference to tiny shortboard...
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    Recommend a fin for a balsa gun log

    Velzy classic might be worth a try.
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    Surfboard Wax: Love It Or Hate It

    “Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise. I said, 'Listen, mate, life has surface noise.'” - John Peel Sand, wax and sandy wax are all part of the experience of surfing.
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    WTB: Mitsven Magic - Midlength

    I’d start with San Diego Fin Co. (fka North Shore Fin Co.) medium Skip Frye thruster set. Bird usually has them in stock (at least in FCS, not sure about futures).