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    Board train Newport Beach Ca. to Dolly

    Dolly has it covered. She's real busy and has things under control. Thanks Jammers
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    Board train Newport Beach Ca. to Dolly

    Aloha, Looking for help getting a board from Newport Beach to Dolly in San Diego. Also waiting for response from Dolly. An 11 foot George glider. Can compensate for time n gas. Thanks James
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Trying to help you out Sam. Contacted the seller of the George glider.
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    Aloha Mark, Been thinking of ordering a Cosmic Bandito around 10'8" or so. I am 180 lbs n 63...

    Aloha Mark, Been thinking of ordering a Cosmic Bandito around 10'8" or so. I am 180 lbs n 63 years young. Christine is really easy to communicate with. Could you share your thoughts on the board. Thanks James
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    New Board Post - 11’ MIchael Miller Gypsy

    Came out great. I have a Miller 11 foot pintail n love it. What does the wider tail do or not do? Thanks
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I just picked up a 9'0" Outier. First wave and first session was a blast. Love it. Loose n fast. Very easy board to surf. I have a custom noserider from Ryan Engle, his boards WORK!
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    WTF is going on

    Made my day! Great Laugh!
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    Lovelace FM - anyone have ride report or thoughts?

    Check Ryan's site, he has a post on the FM. Completely different beast than a Lizzy.
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    Dead Kooks Logs rider feedback?

    I have a modified Dead Kooks Guerrero 9'11" They normally have a narrower nose. This one is a little bit wider. It works great and noserides as good as the Archer is. Loose n stable on the nose. I have a Thomas WIZL a little narrower nose. These are both mild performance nose riders. They...
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    Mai Tai recipe

    Aloha, I work in a hotel in Beautiful, Glassy, Uncrowded, Waikiki. With Covid it has been PACKED! Every bar you have a Mai Tai at will be a different recipe. Our recipe is 1 1/2 shots Cruz light Rum. Pineapple, guava and oj juice. Then 1 shot of Morgan dark rum floated. You can adjust the...
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    *SOLD* No parking? No problem! Honda Ruckus surf scooter for sale.

    Good price. They are in very High demand in my neck of the woods! Is the rack made completely from PVC?
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Chased the Chief for over a year. He responded right away. It has a fin box. He said its a beast at 29 lbs. Good luck.
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    Vixen Files, for builders

    They were in the auto body industry at least 20 years ago. To help sand down runs after painting.
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    SOLD: Leashes (3 total): Stay Covered, all black, 8' & 7' Comp 5.5mm

    Aloha, Will take both the 7 and 8. pm me. Thanks James
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    FS: 9'10" Tyler Craftsman Noserider

    Aloha, Will purchase if still available. Thanks James