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    A Buzz Kill

    Dammit which of you mo's com[puters did i not sign out of!!!!!!! Stop posting under my name!!!!!!
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    Sharing an Austin Soul Glide

    it is!
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    A Buzz Kill

    ALLL THAT COMES TO MIND IS WWWWOOOOOWWWWW! i think i died a little inside reading all of this.
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    A Buzz Kill

    What is wrong with you guys who leaves those in the garbage in the house?
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    A Buzz Kill

    twizzly wrote: Maybe the Dingo ate your baby!
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    A Buzz Kill

    You cant replace an old dog but you can start with a new one. Just thought i would share for you dog lovers. We welcomed Deacon into our house last night. Frazier now has a new little buddy. Attached files
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    A Buzz Kill

    I know i would miss my boy more then i want to think. I dont want kids so he is the closest thing i will get to that. A good dog can never be replaced but neither can the memories. Attached files
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    Your Post Name

    Well since GT stole my initials and my idiot friends got hung up on the deplorable g-unit rap crap since my name started with "g" i was indoctrinated as g-unit. It is so lame but if i change it now i have to go through all the formalities of saying this is "whoever" used to be g-unit so i just...
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    Dust Off Those Guns

    Nice concrete!
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    Surf Trucks

    I didnt have one on the front for a long time and believe it or not i actually did get stopped for it. Two times they say something. If you are speeding and they are coming the opposite direction but needed an excuse to pull me over. Or if you are somewhere where there is a lot of tourist...
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    Quiver Shots

    lamest bumper sticker ever. I Heart my Wife! Should be followed by one that says i have no balls! i mean i am glad your relationship is going well but how better could you say i have no athority in my relationship and i have to drive around proclaiming my love to strangers.
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    Quiver Shots

    You cant hug, with nuclear arms!
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    Quiver Shots

    i personally cringe at "if you don't live here, don't surf here!" What a great way to share the sport.
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    Any interest in a board swap/sale in NJ?

    i find it harder to believe he ever HAD marbles!
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    Rumor has it......

    my brother said he would love to set you guys up that is what he does. Great prices too i think he was talking to one of you guys at the contest about it!