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    Hybrid vehicle thoughts?

    Like everyone else on this thread, I've had two Prius, 2006 and 2021 plug-in. Holds tons of boards, etc. It has a little key you can hang around your neck while surfing. Really a perfect surf vehicle. I just got an Ioniq 5. It holds even more, including my 10'6", will with a person sitting...
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    WTT - Takayama 9’0 speed shape

    I love to see cool shapes covered in heelies. It's a record of all the fun someone had. A good life for a surfboard.
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    I had that purple-tipped Riddler for a while. It came from SOReilly.
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    Surfing year round

    I love Mexico and the PR. But, if you want infrastructure, warm weather, and good surf, Australia would be my top choice. However, there is no money to be saved and you can only work there for a year or so, depending on what you do. The timezone could be very isolating in terms of career growth...
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    Board swap in RI / New England?

    I would be down for that.
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    Trade bait in Rhode Island

    NP. I'll wait to see if they move to the sale rack.
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    Trade bait in Rhode Island

    I know nothing of Jive, but it looks like a fun board to try. Any interest in a 7'4" Seaside and Beyond (7’4” x 21.75” x 2.75”, 49.50)? I can't recall the quad set. Fins and board are in great shape Or, an 8'2" Hayley V with a nice camo style spray, single with boxes for side bites. Has a nice...
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    Family surf vacation Hawaii big island??

    I was just there in December. The Kona spots (Pinetrees and south) were usually fun or slightly better. They are all easy to find. You can drive from one to the next until you see something you like. The board rental situation is dismal. If you want anything decent, bring your own. Some of the...
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    Robert August

    +1 on the Robert August Alex Knost model. I bought it new around 2006, still love it.
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    Anyone heard from Dave Parmenter recently?

    Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
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    Anyone heard from Dave Parmenter recently?

    Loose Lips Sink Ships.
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    Trade - 8'4" Clandestino for Thick Lizzy? Boston Area

    Sorry, trades only. I'm looking for this specific board. Thanks.
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    Trade - 8'4" Clandestino for Thick Lizzy? Boston Area

    Sorry, no time to take pictures today, gotta vote. Some details: Single fin. No side boxes. The rails are fairly thin, but not "bladed" IMO. I will capture that in pictures. I find the board fast, but user-friendly and responsive, front and back-side.
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    Trade - 8'4" Clandestino for Thick Lizzy? Boston Area

    I have an 8'4" Clandestino to trade for Thick Lizzy. I got it from MDM about two years ago. Opaque blue resin tint. Does anyone have a 7'10" to 8'4" Thick Lizzy they want to trade for? No rush. Putting the feelers out there. Pictures coming tomorrow ...
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    Going to Kauai for two weeks in December -- what board should I take?

    One more question: do people have a particular shop for rentals they prefer?