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    Official Wanted to buy Vaquero Thread

    what about a discounted bulk order from marc ?
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    ISO Kris Hall daily cup/ jazz pin

    scratch that itch
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Wegener Alaia Surfboard - $300 (East Village) Pendoflex surfboard 5’10” - $375 Mandala Arc Swallowtail Quad...
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    Black Friday Sales, Holiday Deals

    Could also be
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    Black Friday Sales, Holiday Deals

    I have the SUP set bc my 11ft glider wont fit inside my car - been using for about a year - i hit 85mph on the highway and the board doesnt budge . solid product
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    Scammer Alert. Members Beware: CLOSED

    Flatspells bring out the best entertainment
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    10,000 hours ?
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    Setting your board down on the beach- Wax Up or Wax Down?

    I bet he never slips off his board though (maybe this was phil edwards trick)
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    Gloves, any favorites?

    I find these to be very effective , once your hands and fingers get numb (2-5 minutes depending on what month it is ) they really help you keep your wave count up. The only drawback , post session i cant unlock my car until my fingers thaw out
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    Egg vs. Fish

    i think your asking about boards to ride in high tide > - east coast my 2 cents: from my experience in NJ and NY on a bigger swell and in general the waves get soft fat and rollie - i find that wider tail thicker boards are easier to get into those kind of waves (fish) Eggs are usually...
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    JamBoards on Iphone

    its actually for part of a new section of the forum to raise money to keep the forum alive im sure you have heard of only fans ? Pretty much the same except its called surfbroads.
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    surfing , defined.

    mynute connection to a portion of the Devine essence of universal energy appearing physically as negative ions
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    9'0 Mitsven Magic Fins

    would love a ridereport on the 9ft magic - i file it in my brain as a mini glider (truth or not)
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    NY and NJ surfers -- wave pool session interest?

    would love to just to check one of these things out - Rona got me down - im immunosuppressed so the ocean is my only goto for now - past 6 months have been ocean- then home - literally no where else (maybe supermarket late night a handfull of times)
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    NY and NJ surfers -- wave pool session interest?

    is this the place ?