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    FS: 8'4 Mollusk Putnam Engineering Wildcat SOLD

    How’s the glassing on this? Paper thin?
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    FS: 7'4" Greek FC Type 1 Hull

    That’s some weird spousal power play.
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    Probably more complaining about the number of pages I bet.
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    Lovelace FM Thoughts

    Having seen and surfed Michael’s boards, I think he’s a better shaper than Ryan IMO.
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Started a job contract at an ER in the central valley this week. Dealing with covid crisis conditions with the highest number of sick, dying and dead people I've ever seen in a hospital, coupled with unsafe levels of smokey air and 105+ degree heat. Got in the water back home this morning for a...
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    Central coast shapers

    Unless things have changed Rusty doesn’t even charge locals for a board, just the cost of the blank and you bring him a 30 pack of beer.
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    Central coast shapers

    Shea Somma in SLO- fishes, logs, midlengths Rusty at Foam Forge in Morro- logs, the bigger the better
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    Cambria tips

    We’ve had an absolutely shit spring and weak summer for good surf but late summer has finally cleaned up conditions. You’ve already got some good recommendations but I would just drive south a bit until you see a peak you like. As an aside, I bodysurfed moonstone recently with a couple seal...
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    Kirk / MPE intel

    Thanks for the pics. Any idea on glassing? Just curious if they’re super light sanded finish to save on money or better.
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    Kirk / MPE intel

    I’m messaged KP about these and specifically the wildcat mod, curious about specifics such as foam, glassing etc. Got a read message but no response.
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    WTB ANT 8’8 - 9’2 Range

    You and everyone else on this site I think. Good luck with the search
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    I just stripped the wax off my parallax since I’m getting ready to sell soon, and luckily my deck looks great. A handful of smaller ones where my back heel usually smacks, but otherwise the deck is clean. Meanwhile the neo classic I’ve had over a year and a half has absolutely zero pressure...
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    Did you take any photos? Interested to see those dents
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    Surf Craft Union Surfboard Review

    Nice one, is the yee log in the queue for next episode?

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