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    FS: Campbell Bros MB5 & Von Sol Flying Manta

    wow... i'll send this to my friends in Htown...
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    FIN Sale

    pm sent on the A flex and the skip sides
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    First ding repair?

    its not rocket science... take your's EASY. the book, ding repair scriptures and swaylocks is a big help and this
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    Who is shaping Takayama's boards?

    pretty sure the St Pierre's sold it to Christenson.... yeah
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    Sold- Surftech (orig construction) Prince Kuhio

    i have a brand new one that i ordered from smurftech. it took a long time to get it - well over a year.... but i have a mitsven magic glider that im going to stick with i'd be willing to sell it for less than that fullerton guy... so if youre serious about getting a prince K, hit me up before i...
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    RIP Greg Griffin

    JP from surfy surfy / board source just posted this on FB : RIP Greg Griffin. Perished in a motorcycle accident. Extraordinary career as a surfboard shaper and fin maker. A lot of us got to know him via the surf message boards. He loved to chat and argue and make custom surfboards for the free...
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    WTB Skip Frye 6"

    try a 6.5 bonzer fin,, i have had fun w it in my glider. cheaper
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    I SUMMON THY UNICORN! - 6'0 Von Sol Shadow - Poly

    Griffin had a total meltdown and moved to the mainland... amazing shaper.. his FB page says Florida... ??
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    I SUMMON THY UNICORN! - 6'0 Von Sol Shadow - Poly

    I was one of the first to get a Shadow from Sean a long long time ago... 2008 maybe? It was a big thing and a (Greg Griffin fueled) shitshow on the Surfermag BB check Oceanslide's long thread on there. ... I was surfing the Hynson/Mattison Black Knight quad fish a ton when the shadow first...
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    True Ames Defect Deals on Volan PHD and 4as

    i got the 4a and i dont see any flaws... thanks for the tip
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    Gator - Mark Rogowski - granted parole

    looks like he was granted parole again!
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    I'm on it... hope to score
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    9'0 Aviso Donald Takayama In The Pink in great condition

    oh wow! I wanted that board so bad and then Aviso folded... i had an Aviso Lost RNF and had carbon fiber fins on it. Gloss that DT up and hang it on the wall or ship it to me in San Diego.. Interested for sure. PM me if youre willing to send to CA
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    Board stands

    I have the foldable saw horses with foam pipe insulation on the top... they work great for deck or bottom work... I bought some homemade stands off a guy about 12 years...

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