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    Short Fish Simmons Question

    my surfing skills are limited but my 5'5 mandala superchunk twin plus trailer feels almost, pivoty, and I've yet to slide out...mind you I'm not good enough to carry a lot of speed into my turns
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    FS: 5’6 Mandala Stubbie Quad

    so tempting :D
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    cats can't wait
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    Devon Howard

    he takes every wave...a friend of a friend told me
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    Post Your Quiver

    that was a dedicated twin plus trailer only
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    FOUND: Christenson Lane Splitter

    that's a steal at that price for the hess
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    Post Your Quiver

    yep you nailed it...superchunk twin + trailer...those are 101's in a futures box...ASQ used to be my favorite board but superchunk replaced it
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    Post Your Quiver

    partial quiver pic...taking these down to baja for the weekend
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    Walden Magic tuflite

    if you're looking for an easy paddler and wave catching machine...the waldens are decent...if you're looking to noseride...I'd say there are better boards for that
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    Mini Simmons Advice

    so good! she's flying....that's how I wish I could surf my mini simmons shapes...
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    Mini Simmons Advice

    oops my bad...21 5/8 not 22, lol
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    Mini Simmons Advice

    stock 5'4 something like 22 5/8 wide by 2 5/8 thick
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    Mini Simmons Advice

    I also think these shapes make excellent transition boards if you're wanting to surf shortboards coming from longboards...the ease of paddling and catching waves gives you confidence in a shorter length
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    Bell Curve

    surf commentary is super repetitive as well...they should just do the occasional hoot and holler
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    Interests besides surfing revisited

    you'd think there wouldn't be anything uglier than my stiff old man surfing but there is! my golf swing is even that's why I enjoy both so can have so much fun being very bad at both