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    WTB Wegner Bluegill

    sigh. thanks for the eyes. My 6'0 days are behind me sadly.
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    WTB Wegner Bluegill

    What Surph said in his post - "I know long shot, but figure everyone else is doing it..." 7'6" or longer.
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    Fins for sale

    Ok. Tempting. Let me noodle that for a minute. Thank you.
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    Fins for sale

    what is the base length on the Flow fin?
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    Mayo Noserider Sold

    yikes! i have this same board in blue. Somebody grab this! Nice price.
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    wow! cheap & clean....and cheap ;)
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    WTB Andreini Edge

    I'll second your ask and raise it to 8'+ and East Coast.
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    Santa Monica Case 9'6" / Cape Cod

    not mine.
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    Harbour Banana 10' - On consignment at surf shop

    beauty. Any idea who the shaper was (doesn't look like Tim Stamps (?)
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    Looking For Fish!!

    Aisle 3 next to the oyster crackers.
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    9’9” Thomas High Pro Log - SOLD - Thomas "Doc" Bexon hand shaped

    board is in Maine. Got a few offers in the pipe but if those don't work out then will research the train.