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    So how do you know what board to take out?

    Comparatively speaking, anyway. I find that they handle drops well and fit into tight little pockets nicely, mostly because there's so much less board in front of you as compared to a log. There's a learning curve for sure, so you should be prepared for investing a few sessions on it before it...
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    Bunk is Junk is Collectable is Junk

    I'll play -- I think I got this one around 1991. Airbourne Tom Groholski model. I had a weird collection of pharmacy stickers on the bottom. I pulled it out of my parents' shed early this summer, gave it a refresher with new wheels and bushings, and took it for a spin at a local bowl. Still...
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    Now on Hulu: The Ultimate Surfer

    Agreed with all of the above. I found it to be sort of embarrassing to watch. It is clearly not marketed towards actual surfers. I would have appreciated if it was more like Master Chef -- get some reasonably experienced surfers (amateurs, not pros) like any of us, give them a few weeks at...
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    So how do you know what board to take out?

    About these two things: (1) I usually load two or three boards into my car when I go to surf. The boards that I bring are chosen based on my prediction of what the waves might be like, and I'll give myself a range of boards to cover different variations to those conditions in case it's...
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    Now on Hulu: The Ultimate Surfer

    Anyone? Anyone? I have to admit that while I truly love surfing, I completely lost interest in the first 6.5 minutes.
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    SIDEWALK SURFING- discussions

    That's awesome! Looks like they make some pretty good stuff, and the tributes are definitely fun. Like you said, it looks like they make pretty small runs. I'll keep an eye out.
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    Is there a non-annoying leash out there?

    Is your XM Longneck a knee/calf leash? (I wasn't sure if they come in ankle varieties.) I have been using the calf leash variety for a long time and find it vastly superior to any other leash when it comes to longboarding and cross stepping. But like you said, it can sometimes get underfoot...
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    SIDEWALK SURFING- discussions

    Hey @jory, checking out your IG and absolutely loving your Neil Blender tribute deck!!! What size is that, 9 something? I've been keeping my eyes peeled in case G&S releases more of their modified Blender reissue since that board has resonated with me since I was a kid. Nice taste in trucks too.
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    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Man, looks great! Did you shape it start to finish in one day? How long did it take you?
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    What do you do when you’re surfed out?

    I like this. Putting this one in my bag of tricks for a later date. One of my surf buddies and I often talk about how so much of the surfing experience is a mental challenge. For me, that inner dialogue is what determines whether it's a great session or my tail is between my legs.
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    Surfboard Wax: Love It Or Hate It

    When I was a kid in the 80s, I remember hearing the rumor that surfers chewed surf wax. It must have come at least in part from the "do not eat or chew" disclaimer on Sex Wax. Even if that was ever true, I haven't seen it or heard about it since then. It's something I definitely wouldn't want...
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    10 grand

    This forum has always leaned heavily towards board hoarding to one degree or another. What's interesting is that while that's still the case, it seems like a little squeak of the "let 'em go, you'll live" mentality seems to be more common than it was. I wonder if the trend will ever become...
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    What do you do when you’re surfed out?

    Agreed with skurp, this is the thing. Getting in an early surf always makes me feel like I've gotten away with something, like I squeaked out a little extra bit of living life when I would have otherwise been sleeping in. Much easier to tackle that list of things when you feel like you've...
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    What do you do when you’re surfed out?

    Sometimes when I think I'm oversurfed, I'll take one look at a fun looking wave and that feeling usually completely disappears. I always keep a good list of other hobbies when I'm surfed out or the surf's not worth it. My latest is skateboarding (bowls mostly), which is a really fun substitute...
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    SIDEWALK SURFING- discussions

    Nice -- I knew I recognized it. Looks really fun, hope to get there sometime soon! Is there something in particular you are hoping to improve upon with new wheels? Everyone in my area is vibing on Alva Conicals (59mm -- probably too small for what you're doing). The design is supposed to...

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