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    Wanted: 9'6-9'8 Longboard

    Thanks for the lead. According to the pic the sales guy sent me, it was a pintail lightweight. Close but no cigar
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    Wanted: 9'6-9'8 Longboard

    Hi, the quiver re-shape continues. Looking for a blade-ier log for some punchier breaks to complement my 10' TW Noserider saved for the cruisier zones. Something along the lines of Bing Pocket Knife / PK Speed shape, Tyler Warren Diamond / Transition, Elmore Sam's Club, etc. In trade, I am...
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    [Updated] FS - Wegener

    Wow! Is every tasteful DK's and Thomas log on the East coast?!
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    5'10 Hand-shaped Tyler Warren Performance Dream Fish

    What do those dims read? Are you saying it’s more pulled in than the standard TW dream fish or most twin fishes in general? My 5’8 dreamfish is 20 5/8 wide. Looking for a second DF a bit larger
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    WTB: Channeled Twin (6'5-6'9)

    The hunt for red october continues. It looks like @ArmandK has not logged into this chat since posting that (hopefully everything's OK) but that board ^ is right up the alley and open to others
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    Sold 9'7" Thomas Surfboards High Pro Log

    First in line if it makes its way to CA please...
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    WTB: Channeled Twin (6'5-6'9)

    Bump! Haven’t heard back from that Lovelace which is of interest..
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    WTB: Burch/Mitsven or other SD fish: 5’5” - 5’6”

    I, too, am looking in the 5'7-5'9 range. I surf a 5'8 TW Dream fish (very thin) well in good surf, but looking for something a bit floatier for the fatter days.
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    WTB: Channeled Twin (6'5-6'9)

    Looking for a twin pin/round with channels by the likes of Somma (nice pulled in tail outline), Keyo, Josh Keogh (I know, wrong continent) & the rest of the Aussies, etc in California. Somewhere between long shortboard rocket ship and egg..
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    FT: 7’10 Andreini Vaquero Edge

    Interested in pristine 8’1 mcVee ? In Marin
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    WTB Elmore Sam's Club

    Hey! Have a 9’6 stepdeck. Would trade for the junod

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