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    Reference - Nozzle vs Fish Simmons

    I think you're asking how the Drifter surfs. I don't find it to surf like a fish (in part b/c min is 8'11" so it is about 3'+ longer than fishes I've surfed) but because it has that tri fin set up and a narrower tail than a traditional fish (the Drifter has a 10" tail block as opposed to an 11"...
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    Not-so-mini simmons?

    My understanding is that the original simmons boards were really long, not mini. There is a great article about them in The Surfer’s Journal archives called “the enigma of simmons” or something like that. It has great pictures of the original Simmons boards and goes through some of his...
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    Magic swallow tail fins

    Damn! That looks like fun!
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    Magic swallow tail fins

    Boomerangs by True Ames will loosen it up and keep the Cushman Ave vibe, though I don’t know about the pivot part. Post a pic of the board when you get a chance. I have never seen a magic swallowtail before.
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    WTB frye fish

    Congrats on the new board! Post some more pics when you get a chance.
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    10 grand

    I’m curious which ones get the most time and which ones sit more?
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    10'6" Christenson Eagle for trade, Mandala Microlights only

    So you’re trading a 10’6” for a 5’6”+. I love it! Just curious (not to hijack the thread…) what is your other 10’6” glider?
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    WTB - 10'6+ Glider (SoCal)

    Bunch of vultures around here haha!
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    Mandala 9’1 Clandestino-Sold

    Sweet board. GLWTS
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    Fish Simmons fins

    Boomerangs are the only way I surf my FS (a Drifter from Michael Miller). I started with the Frye medium template tri fins and really, really liked the board. Then I put the boomerangs in. From the first session with them the Drifter became my all time favorite board. I have left them in and...
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    WTB - 10'6+ Glider (SoCal)

    You’re forgetting Michael Miller from your list.
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    TRADED 9’0 Michael Miller Drifter

    Amazing board. MM is the man. I have an 8'11" x 22.5" x 3 1/8" and it is my most versatile and favorite board. Throw in some boomerangs and you are all set.
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    WTB - 11ft Skip Frye Eagle and 5'10" Frye Fish

    You were wrong on walking the 5 mins. You should have asked to Board Train it at that distance.
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    WTT 9'6" Lovelace Thick Lizzy

    That looks like a fun board! Good luck with the trade.