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    What is this, Sea Horse Captain? What is this - Seahorse-Seashell party? Who didn’t invite me? Why didn’t I get invited?
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    What board have you got coming..?

    Thanks! Super stoked. For this build, I asked Michael for a T-Band stringer (1/8” basswood /1” blue foam/ 1/8” basswood) then I added blue glue lines at about 5” off center.
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    What board have you got coming..?

    Michael Miller Gypsy. 6’ 10” x 21 1/2” x 3”. Should be ready soon!
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    What board have you got coming..?

    You can never have too many Mabiles
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    Fastest rooftop rack/strap system

    I have a Thule rack that Ive used for years. For straps, I like to keep it simple and use NRS HD Tie-Down Straps. Simple, fast and work for surfboards, kayaks, lumber, ladders, etc.
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    Quad Fin Recommendations

    Thanks for all the replies and feedback. Greatly appreciated. Anyone riding twin tabs (FCS) quads on a wider tailed egg, pin or similar shape? I like the reduced surface area of the McCallum set, but consider some controllers or perhaps even some speed dialers.
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    Fin for a glider(ish) board

    I typically ride a 7”-8.5” fin in my big boards 10’-11’. My 7” greenough 4a is works pretty damn well. I would say 7.5” Skip, 4a or similar would work well and should contrast your current setup? Have you experimented with fin placement and bringing the fin forward an inch or so?
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    what are people listening to today?

    I have. They are pretty rad. Also, anybody that covers John Prine can't be bad. ;)
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    ideal egg conditions

    I take my 8'2" Mabile Twinzer + 1 Eggstacy out in a lot of different conditions, but prefer it in 3-4 to a couple feet overhead. It works fine in smaller stuff with the extra foam, but prefer a board in the 9'+ range for extra paddle power.
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    I hate epoxy resin

    Depending on the viscosity, you can use pipettes for small does. Climatizing the epoxy to room temps or warmer should also help loosen the material, but will decrease working time. Weight works great, but ensure that you know the density of the resin and the hardener and stick to the mfg mixing...
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    what are people listening to today?

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    Quad Fin Recommendations

    Greetings all, I currently have a custom order with Michael Miller for a 6'10" Gypsy with 5 fin setup (FCS). I am pretty set on some Thruster variations, but want to ask you guys for input of quad fin options. For reference, board is 6'10" x ~21 1/2˝ x ~3". I am 5'10" and about 165 lbs ± a...
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    Michael Miller Drifter fins

    I used to ride my 8'6" Drifter with Skip's Medium Thruster set. Worked really well for me. Plenty of drive, but still agile and loose off the tail, thanks to the bottom contours.
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    1 Board, 3 Board, & 5 Board Quiver

    1 Board 9’0 Mabile Magic - Twinzer + long box 3 Board 10’ Mabile Eagle - 2 +1 9’ Mabile Magic - Twinzer + long box 7’6” Mabile Honey Badger - Twinzer + long box 5 Board 10’ Mabile Eagle - Single fin 9’3 Mabile Winter Magic - 2+1 8’0 Mabile Eggstacy - Twinzer + long box 7’6” Mabile Honey...
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    High Performance Noserider Recommendations

    I think a Takayama In the Pink or Beach Break would be a nice option. Also consider Bing's High Five, G&S's TeamRyder, Harbour's HP1 or perhaps a Tyler Warren Jazz.