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    WTB 9'8"-10" Noserider (New England Area)

    I know its awhile away but the beach house swap is in late April, I could look for you there if you are willing to wait?
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    Hank Byzak 9'11" longboard SOLD

    That should go fast! That things sick but wrong coast for me
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    Rad Longboarding in okay surf- a How To video

    That was awesome. He absolutely rips. So smooth and made it looks so effortless
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    I can absolutely grab it for you.
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    It you need me to grab the board I could bring it back to RI. Can’t wait for the swap!!!!!
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    That’s the one I had
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    I would be cautious of using in anything bigger than head high lost mine with a skip Frye fin
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    9'-4" Jim Phillips Magic Ham Deluxe- $875

    That’s not falling through
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    Where was that last post taken?

    Where was that last post taken?
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    ISO CJ Nelson Parallax

    Layaway thats awesome that they did that. Not sure I have heard of layaway since caldor?
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    WTF is going on

    So I assume you have a Prius rack?
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    LTB a rack for 2013 Prius

    Looking a buy a rack for a 2013 Toyota Prius. It’s for my son so it doesn’t need to be pretty at all. He’s already getting a free bad ass car.