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    Mandala Seraph

    Bumping this, as my interest is piqued. Anyone ride an edge version? Or one with the double concave out the back?
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    Mind on Mandala and Mandala on My Mind

    I bit the bullet and ordered a 6'4 Stubbie Twinzer a couple weeks ago.
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    What board have you got coming..?

    Is he shaping again?
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    Lovelace FM 7'9"

    It's like running skateboard wheels graphic in. Way cooler.
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    Andreini Stoke

    Tomato tomato
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    Board Rental and recs on Oahu?

    Surf Garage has some great rental options. Highly recommend them.
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    WTB Mandala AK4 FCS Fins

    Anyone got a set in good condition they want to part with?
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    Mind on Mandala and Mandala on My Mind

    I'm going to order an ASQ sometime in the next year. Stubbie quad is also very interesting.
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    Temporal Collections Film

    Ryan Thomas has the magic touch. Psychic Migrations is an all time favorite for me as well.
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    PT-1 Greenough Power Trailer

    Greenough PT-1 Power Trailer Anyone messed with one of these? Kind of considering using it as the trailer in a twin plus one board. Seems interesting.
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    Temporal Collections Film

    It's great. I enjoyed it a lot.
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    Channel Islands Spicy fin

    I have a 9" one that I haven't rode yet. I will be trying it in a board I used (and love) a 9.5" DRD4 Water Skate fin in. Similar upright template with little more area at the base and a little more rake from memory comparing them side by side.
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    Ding repairs, I need to ask.

    I keep a roll in my car. Great stuff.
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    Anyone layering wetsuits?

    Seems awfully restrictive for paddling.
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    New Board Stoke Thread

    A couple weeks ago I picked up a Hydrodynamica Mini Simmons from XTR. Classic mini w/glass on Gep keels. I previously had a Jon Wegener shaped one that I liked, but it was a bit too chunky (5'6 x 23 x 3). This one is slimmed down and feels really good (5'6 x 22 x 2 11/16). There's something...