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    Bonzer fin advice

    6.75 Bonzer template would be my pick. I use it in my 6'2 and 7'1. I'm not sure why you would run anything but a Bonzer fin in a Bonzer.
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    Surfing With An Apple Watch?

    I saw someone take a call on one in the water and it really bummed me out.
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    What is your favorite logo?

    Travis Reynolds def deserves a mention. Big fan of the Bonzer logo's. The new 50 years one is VERY sharp. Love the Xanadu logo. Stretch has some nice options with his, too.
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    Flat tracker 2.0 feedback

    Great boards. Had a 7'0 and would definitely get another one. Felt great in waves with some curve, but still managed on flatter faced days. I used with either a 7.5" or 8.0" Greenough template. Can't remember which.
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    Twinzer Design/Experiment.

    I almost messaged the guy...
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    Reference - Nozzle vs Fish Simmons

    Richard Kenvin just posted a pic of someone's Nozzle on his instagram stories and mentioned that it was the most Simmons like of Skip's boards. Here
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    Christenson fcs longboard fin?

    I only had one surf with the 4a and a few more with the Thomas. Haven't got my log in the water at all lately. The Thomas fin felt better overall in my board (wide point back, Aussie style, inspired by Thomas' shapes), so I'm just sticking with it. More pivoty and felt a bit more 'free' if that...
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    6'7 swallow tail single fin egg - fin recommendations

    I'd try a DRD4 Water Skate. Maybe an 8.5"?
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    Custom surfboard color not what expected.

    I always look at color on board orders as a guide. As has been said before resin color isn't an exact science. I've had logo selections/placements be off, too, but I dunno, it doesn't bother me much. I mostly order clear, or white semi opaque these days. As long as it goes.
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    Campbell Brothers Twin

    I believe that this is the board in the original post. I had asked Malcolm about this and at the time he said there were some kinks to work out with it.
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    Mid Range Mania

    The JS look like they go. Mason looked good on it too in EAST. If a 7'0 pops up on Craigs in few months I'd be all over it.
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    The Boardroom Sept 25-26

    I was 'saved' from purchasing an Andreini MP when a guy bought it as I grabbed the rail was and turning it over in my head.
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    The Boardroom Sept 25-26

    I don't know how I walked out of the last one I went to (honoring Andreini) without a board. It is a bounty of temptations.
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    Boards that are relatively easy to replace I have no issues selling (machine cut shortboards with normalish lead times). Other stuff is harder to part with.