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    Yater Spoon thoughts

    I have a very clean 1967 Yater Spoon. Haven't ridden it much. A lot of belly roll, not my go to characteristic. Three friends have ridden it a fair bit and really dig it. I will try to add some photos. Below are Renny and I with board, close up of the logo, and the board with its original and...
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    surfing switch

    This was a fun project to be a part of. (I am Billed in it as Rick Buck). The first wave is Oliver Parker. He steals the whole 5 minutes for sure. You will note he sticks a solid regular five, to ten to backside five before a very slick reset. Watch Oliver throughout and let me tell he is a...
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    A video from last week shot by my friend Sam Schaefer. Good example of several different waves and different ways to find speed and different lines of choice when riding a mat. Manipulating the rail is the secret to mat riding.
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    Hola @davey and @PeakMaster those two waves were from December I think. Shot by Ryan from Log Rap. First one got a lot of views on Ryan’s log rap IG feed, think well over million views. I always felt the second wave was a better wave though. Regardless, his sharing the footage was generous and...
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    I have nothing really to add here, but a small aside, ice nine comes from Vonnegut’s “cats cradle” not Bradbury.
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    Surfmat for the weekend

    I can loan you one. I’m between Ventura and Santa Barbara. I have several you can choose from. Finest quality build, light material, high performance mats.
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    Death to Surfline
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    I prefer a mat in more size of a wave. The chop isn’t a problem, mats can find a strong line in most conditions.
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    I still have 3-4 old neumátics. May part with one someday
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    They are a lot of fun. They work great. They are not easy to master though. January memory:
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    RIP Phil Becker

    I have 3 1967 Rick Noseriders likely shaped by Phil Becker, plus a few more my brother owns. While I have never owned a Becker nor particularly desired too, the man had a huge impact on surfing. Some of the best boards of the classic era were shaped by him and he helped push the limits of a...
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    The truth about surfmats?

    Any updates Ned? I got a new one from Graeme a few weeks back and it is a real gem.
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    aslbuck killin it!

    Thanks Smukes. Mats are hard at first but if you ride alongside someone who understands them they are much easier. A lot of people approach them like they are a type of bodyboard, which they are totally different from. Having proper point waves never hurts either :-)
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    aslbuck killin it!

    Thanks! Nice to have a visual memory of a fun wave!
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    Most influential and still relevant transitional board

    Do you ride the Surf o Plane at full inflation? It is a blowup right?