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    RIP Dale Solomonson

    Reports indicate that the great mat builder Dale Solomonson passed last month. I first got into riding mats on a Neumatic made by Dale. Was lucky enough to have several built for me by Dale. He made some amazing contributions to non traditional wave riding. Thanks for everything you did Dale...
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    Most outrageous noseriding shots

    Seth de Roulet is the photographer. Friend of mine. Currently living in Bermuda, normally Santa Barbara based. On Instagram and has a webpage with more shots. Has had at least two surfers journal portfolio spreads. Great shot for sure.
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    Anyone making custom boardbags in SoCal anymore?

    Here is a gal that makes them one at a time. Good surfer too. Hallie Rohr. She makes them Under the Instagram feed “hals_handmade”
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    Feral Wetsuits - any reviews. are they the same company as Need Essential? then wtf? lol

    Hands down the best wetsuits I ever worn. Wore need essentials for two years prior. The Feral are just a level up. Warm, light, and not too overpriced
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    Yater Spoon thoughts

    I have a very clean 1967 Yater Spoon. Haven't ridden it much. A lot of belly roll, not my go to characteristic. Three friends have ridden it a fair bit and really dig it. I will try to add some photos. Below are Renny and I with board, close up of the logo, and the board with its original and...
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    surfing switch

    This was a fun project to be a part of. (I am Billed in it as Rick Buck). The first wave is Oliver Parker. He steals the whole 5 minutes for sure. You will note he sticks a solid regular five, to ten to backside five before a very slick reset. Watch Oliver throughout and let me tell he is a...
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    A video from last week shot by my friend Sam Schaefer. Good example of several different waves and different ways to find speed and different lines of choice when riding a mat. Manipulating the rail is the secret to mat riding.
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    Hola @davey and @PeakMaster those two waves were from December I think. Shot by Ryan from Log Rap. First one got a lot of views on Ryan’s log rap IG feed, think well over million views. I always felt the second wave was a better wave though. Regardless, his sharing the footage was generous and...
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    I have nothing really to add here, but a small aside, ice nine comes from Vonnegut’s “cats cradle” not Bradbury.
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    Surfmat for the weekend

    I can loan you one. I’m between Ventura and Santa Barbara. I have several you can choose from. Finest quality build, light material, high performance mats.
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    Death to Surfline
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    I prefer a mat in more size of a wave. The chop isn’t a problem, mats can find a strong line in most conditions.
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    I still have 3-4 old neumátics. May part with one someday
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    Surf Mats... What's the Deal?

    They are a lot of fun. They work great. They are not easy to master though. January memory:
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    RIP Phil Becker

    I have 3 1967 Rick Noseriders likely shaped by Phil Becker, plus a few more my brother owns. While I have never owned a Becker nor particularly desired too, the man had a huge impact on surfing. Some of the best boards of the classic era were shaped by him and he helped push the limits of a...