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  • Just saw that post about the 8 ft. V8 a few years ago. Did you ever get one? How are you doing these days?
    Let me know if you still want one......... I'll do something special for ya to make it happen.
    Yo Sir!

    Going back to some earlier posts...I was wondering if you had some pics of the old Freedom shop ...Beach Haven back then?

    Hope all is well with you.
    PeakMaster aka john
    Hi Artz.. I have a 7-8 x23.15x3.15
    Stoker V machine I’m currently not using since I just picked up a 7-6 Balsa same exact model. If interested, I’ll shoot you pics..
    In Miami 3054317672.
    Hi, king kook. Yes I just might be interested. Could you post up some photos? What’s your asking price?
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