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    Airplane wings and surfboard fins- read these

    A few months ago many were agast at the thought that airplane wings surfboard fins and NASA had anything to do with each other Here are a few articles for you to read and this cat is a PHD with a specialty in hydrodynamics . Not a new concept and as you had no visitude for me possibly these...
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    Vintage 1968 Ernie Tanaka V Bottom Pin Tail

    Ernie Tanaka V Bottom Pin Tail measured at 7’ 4” 3 small areas of browsing on deck , no rot to action or delam just small storage digs that sucked moisture - check the pics as quite detailed- excuse glare from overhead light in most Used and ridden over past 30 years . Was brought back by a Vet...
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    Vintage Fin Re tab Coco Joes Key Rings - Mylar decal group for sale

    Group of stuff I brought back from NS in the 80 s 3 coco joes surfboard key rings. (1970 s) A king ring made from the snapped off tip of a Morey Pope Vari Set fin and a sunset Surfer key ring along with a Mylar sit on a happy face decal bent but ready to stick. Re fin replaces your broken screw...
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    Vintage CocoJoes key rings and Mylar Bumpa sticker for sale

    From the mid 1970s A lot of 5 Hawaii CocoJoes surfboard key rings new old stock I found in a box along with a big raised hippy trippy Hawaii bumpa sticker- ready to stick or frame What you see is what you get Little fin rocker coco joes logo on bottom in very good condition Asking 68. 00 for...
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    Blue light especial
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    Artisa fin co-op

    My apologies to Roy a splendid chap Unfortunately my Animal Chin side came out Forgive the digression .
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    Artisa fin co-op

    Like to point out your amigo is the one who added 14 posts that were already posted. What’s the point of that? Just clogging up the pipeline of communication for own purposes. So relax and possibly the forum commander will stop . And we can communicate- as that’s the idea Everyone on this forum...
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    Artisa fin co-op

    if there are rules Please wtf as you so started could you show me the link amigo Despite your braying I’m having a great time meeting lots of fun folks Isn’t that the idea? Appreciate your post - seek or bray - your choice
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    Artisa fin co-op

    Just responding to your negative nature amigo as you’ve been negative since onset- sad really as it’s a community post and despite your Self involved keyboard action-have communicated with many wonderful folks Shame you don’t actively participate yet maintain your negative position but that’s...
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    Artisa fin co-op

    Sheep or Seeker? It’s your choice amigo - your life
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    Ekstrom glass on- Azul Blue - Por. Vende

    Actually Young Starbuck Haven’t made any negative statements like you have I need to meet someone in person to see their viewpoints and if differing Never stoop to the grade school mentality of name calling Everyone has an opinion and they all vary/ free expression is your right so have at it-...
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    Ekstrom glass on- Azul Blue - Por. Vende

    Quip me all you wish but never disparage the Captain - what he/ they did for rock Is timeless - make me your target not Beef. Don is a classic and a solid guy not to be maligned. Respect is paramount and due for him young naysayer. Go ahead open the paddock and roam free of the herd/ open...
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    Free Thinker Fin Set Ups

    They go crazy good - many guys have tried the prototypes and given their feedback - from there the master set is made hence the co- op It’s all about the group and some of my ideas are total Failures but Through that new ideas are born - gotta be open as most of these are based on pelagic fish...