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    American Experience: Waterman: Duke Kahanamoku
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    American Experience Waterman
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    Goodbye Surfing

    Just wanted to let you know that I quit surfing and moved to Denver. Sold all my stuff. Although, I'll miss surfing. I've had a great run. I've surfed in TX, HI and CA. Met some great people over the years and Now I ride a scooter. Merry Christmas everyone. Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza and...
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    What is your next board?

    9'0 Mickey Munoz
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    Surftechs that you really like

    I've owned and ridden numerous surftech boards over the years and love them. As a 230 lbs, 5'7" guy I learned how to surf on a 11'0 Mickey Munoz Super Glide, when new models came out, I moved down 10'6" Mickey Munoz Glide. I've owned both Munoz for over 3 years with no damage. On the next new...
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    hawaiian lifeguards

    I think both the original post and the video are conflict inducing. We don't know what the events surrounding the video are. Maybe the guy almost got drilled into the reef during a previous heat because this guy got into the way. Maybe they have a history of violence between them the whole...
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    Is it wrong to buy Surfboards made in China and Thailand?

    This is making me think, is it wrong to buy surfboards not made in Hawaii. Mmm, you're betraying the Hawaiians who have surfed the longest, where would the surf industry be if no transfer of knowledge occured. Human rights, economics, I'm not sure. In this country, we want things at a low price...
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    what's your Surfing History ?

    Started surfing in 1995, got a Eaton Zinger, surfed Cowells, Hook, 38th Ave then quit because I bought a new car and couldn't afford to surf. In 1997, got LASIK, started to surf regularly at Cowells. Wow I grew up in Hawaii but learned to surf in No Cal. Surfed in Hawaii, 2003-2004 then moved...
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    Sano Weekend 2006

    I would like to join you BOSS? The ride out and everything. How cold is the water? What is the water temp? Let me know! Al
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    Screen name origins

    first and last name. Aloha, Al
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    What do you think when you see a woman in the lineup?

    I guess I think its beautiful sight. Heaven!
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    Now Where are the Longboard Mags.???

    I got my magazine yesterday. Yeah! Aloha, Al
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    Clark Foam shut down!

    I'm just stating an opinion and some facts. I spoke with Bob Wise today he stated that the Australians can't produce enough foam blanks for their own market. Bob also stated that shops that have a USA made boards only rule are screwed. Aloha, Al
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    Clark Foam shut down!

    Just talked with one of my buddies he said that Australia is barely meeting demand for their own shapers. All the shops that wouldn't buy foreign made boards/foam are screwed. I wonder how Dingo surfshop will fare.
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    Clark Foam shut down!

    This is what is in the Honolulu Star Bulletin: I guess only Surftechs,Boardworks, NSP boards, and other alternative technology surfboards will be produced in large volumes. The EPA, CALOSHA, and other regulatory agents shut them down for...