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  1. Choked out surfer​
  2. Choked out surfer​
  3. waaahoo
    waaahoo Bravoaloha
    Hey Bravo I have a '65 G&S Quarter Speed Shape.
  4. Peregrine
    Peregrine hangeleven
    Hey did you end up selling your fish?
  5. Hang11
    Hang11 Jayhawk
    I'll take the TT. Im on the north fork of long island

  6. waveslider619
  7. instonea
    instonea RideTheLightening
    Hey man, how's the 9'11 DR's treating you? Hope you like it. If you're considering letting it go for any reason pls lmk!
    1. instonea
      PS - couldn't find the private message option ;)
      Aug 24, 2020
    2. RideTheLightening
      Hey man, that board has been so much fun! I still can't believe I got my hands on one. I will definitely let you know if I ever decide to part ways with it. I don't see it happening anytime soon but things can change and you would be the first to know.
      Aug 25, 2020
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  8. unforgiven
    unforgiven Heavywetsuit
    What colors is the Riddler going to be?
    Is that around $2500?
    Or more?...or less?
    What colors will the 777 be?
    What shop are you?
  9. tukncluk
    tukncluk Heavywetsuit
    Can't seem to find the pm option for you (regarding the TL), but I'm not far from you usually, will be back down your way later in the week, if you message me I'll give you my contact info. thanks
  10. Streetnfishs
    Streetnfishs Heavywetsuit

    I'm interested in your Thick Lizzy but I'm out here in Cali. Do you know how much shipping would cost.

    Thanks, Ray
    1. Heavywetsuit
      I don’t think I can ship out there. I’m sorry bud
      Aug 18, 2020