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  1. surfstrengthcoach
  2. takefive
    takefive James Irvin
    Interested in Diff could you send pics might have trade. Thanks Frank
    1. James Irvin
      James Irvin
      Hello this is James with the Diffenderfer. Send me your number and I can text you some pics. My number is 916 768 1880
      Jul 16, 2020
  3. Pro Surf Coaches
    Pro Surf Coaches
    I have a client who purchased a surfboard from us but we need to get it to him out in East Hampton. Any suggestions?
  4. respectthepeck
    respectthepeck Boatyard_cat
    do you still have the 9'7 peck? if so, where are you located? I am in nj thanks 609-827-1241 ---harry
  5. bz493
    bz493 Heavywetsuit
    I’d like to check out your Tyler, I’m in South eastern Mass, where are you located?
  6. Tim Surfer Tim
    Tim Surfer Tim
    Old Member, new posting from Sam Clam's Disco
  7. Heavywetsuit
    Heavywetsuit WillieP
    Would you trade for Tyler point ?
    1. Heavywetsuit
      Willie direct Mesaage me
      May 13, 2020
  8. NasalCavityNavigator
    Does anyone have a set of MR twin fins FCS fusion in New Jersey?
  9. Landlord
    Landlord cuda
    Any trade possibilities for the Mandala ?
  10. JTS
    JTS Ricksurfin
    I Wanted to let you know I ordered a 9’3 parallax , largely based on your description of how well it worked for you in beach breaks. I was going with a 9’4” HI Damond Drive but changed my mind at the last minute.
    I’ve got plenty of boards, but this sounds like a fun one, fast and maneuverable
    Kept this off the main page because I didn’t want a food fight on the forum over overseas boards vs custom

    Jim Norton
    1. Ricksurfin
      I think you’re really going to like it. I’ll definitely keep it off the main page. I don’t mind taking the heat, as I’ve purchased, and continue to purchase a lot of boards from domestic shapers and if I want to try something else I’ll speak my mind. The Thunderbolt construction is superior to anything else I’ve ever had.
      Apr 29, 2020
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