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  1. thomas
    thomas Veterano
    Hey Vet...curious as to how you like that Mitsven longboard...?
  2. nughugger
  3. glidewaves
    glidewaves harry
    Sent you an email about your bisect. Let me know if your received it.
  4. 808bmx
    808bmx BoardAddict
    Rich, what’s the dimensions on your McCallum and how’s it glassed? If still for sale, text me a few photos. Thanks!


  5. Phillips 66
    Phillips 66 NCJohn

    Fellow jammer Harry from NY will be in NC Sunday coming back Tuesday.

    Trying to confirm if he will be close to you in Wilmington. Could work for transport if you are around.
  6. Joe McDaniel
    Joe McDaniel WillieP
    Hi Willie I too am a glider junkie. Have two Mitsven Magic’s, two Mitsven Egg gliders two Josh Hall fish simmons and one Frye Magic/Egg. Am mostly in Puerto Rico but am currently in Jacksonville Fl recovering from shoulder surgery. I am always interested in hearing about different glider shapes and shapers. Would you mind sharing what gliders you have and any comments you have about their pros and cons in the surf?
    OCSURFER32 gene
    Howzit Gene ! ! Any shirts available? 2 XL Thanks Tom
  8. glidewaves
    glidewaves NJ Longboarder
    I’m going to a College reunion in Providence on 4/27. Hoping to surf Matunuck that am. I may be able to help. Send me details and I’ll try to work it out.

  9. Patrick Riley
    Patrick Riley SeniorGrom
    How would I go about changing my screen name?
  10. Jook
    Jook OCSURFER32
    Some dude in the for sale thread needs a board in south Florida...
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