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  1. Clay Carr
    Clay Carr instonea
    I’ve got a 11’ josh hall fish Simmons that I ordered and rode twice. If maybe you’d wana work something out for the Frye we could chat about that
  2. aqualung
    aqualung shapewright
    Howdy Jim, so a few weeks ago I stopped by your shack and spoke with Bill B, he said you had been to the hospital. Strange how I just started a new job at the Temecula Valley Hospital and have been stocking the nurses store room with Foley Catheters! I have a chance to pick up a couple Clark foam blanks from a co worker are they still sought after ? Hope your feeling better BTW . Fred Caron
  3. Phillips 66
    Phillips 66 MDM
    Supernova still for sale?

    Any repairs or delam?

    Very interested and can pick up or meet
  4. Tom
    Life is to be enjoyed not just endured!
  5. ToddsontheNose
    ToddsontheNose zalfa

    I saw you were trying to score the 10’ Serena. I’ve got it now, picked it up the other day.

    A couple of projects just came up so I’m willing to let it go if you wanted it. I grabbed it for $1k which I thought was fair... you can have it for the same.

    I’m in SD. Let me know if you’re interested!

  6. Voncrutch
    Voncrutch Justino
    Hello I’m interested in this fin.
    1. Justino
      It’s yours if you want it. PayPal?
      Oct 8, 2020
  7. Choked out surfer​
  8. Choked out surfer​
  9. waaahoo
    waaahoo Bravoaloha
    Hey Bravo I have a '65 G&S Quarter Speed Shape.
  10. Peregrine
    Peregrine hangeleven
    Hey did you end up selling your fish?