Water Container... Yea or Nay

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by 70s SanO, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Used to use this jug to winterize a waverunner.....sold the ski so now I use it for rinsing.....
    20171203_180312.jpg 20171203_180425.jpg
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    No, you are not the only one. I just got back from Nicaragua, didn't shower for 5 days. Salt water is great for the skin. Penn Medicine had me scared to death of the water down there. "Don't get any water in your mouth when you shower" "make sure you towel off your lips and blow out your nose." $500 later and 3 shots I felt like I just dealt with a used car dealer. (and I was one while in college)
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    Roadmaster, that system is next level! What's your routine post session -- leave it open to air out? Is it hard to clean? I'd love to see a closeup of how you rigged that spigot for the hose.
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    Thanks, works great best thing I ever did for winter surfing. When you get that bone-chilling deep cold feeling on a windy day, I can put some hot water down the neck of my wetsuit and instantly warm up, have a snack and go back out, all warm and toasty again. The unit is by Carlisle, a big name in catering stuff, got it on Amazon for $99.
    I plumped it easy style, for a tube I first tried surgical tubing but it collapsed too easily. I went to water hook up hose for a washer and used the surgical tubing for connectors. The spigot does remove and is threaded so PVC could be used with a different shut off but I liked the way the spigot is inset and protected and it shuts off very well with no leaks. You can get 5 gallon versions but they get heavy and I put mine on the roof of the Buick and use gravity to rinse. I just rinse it out and fill it with hot water the night before a dawn patrol, empty it out and refill with straight hot water in my home shower. Pre-heating is critical, on super cold days I add a pot of boiling water. In the car I cover it with my beach towels for added insulation.

    IMG_0700 copy.jpg
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